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Posted by Solar Guppy on February 4, 2004, 7:15 pm
It's seems a constant "battle" to use today's street prices in comparing
whether grid-tie PV is feasible or not VS folks who have never bought a
panel and claim 4-5 dollars a watt should be the benchmark for doing cost
payback ... this is why I jump on the pricing issue.

I bought in early December 36 of the photowatt 155 watt modules at 2.50 watt
and 22 of the BP 75 laminate for 1.52 watt. Being a solar advocate makes me
want to "scream" and tell the world there is a real place to get panels at
substantial discounts. I will promote in this group ANY verifiable low price
on solar products ... Sun Electric is in Miami , I live in Lakeland Fl , it
was about 9 hours driving round trip to cash and carry the modules.

They (SunElectic) are in a not-so-nice part of Miami , the warehouse is
shared with some other business close by, they have very low over head and
have an inside track with matrix which makes any of the low price panels in
the internet. Other web-sites that sell low cost "house" Brands are all the
same Matrix (photowatt) panels.

You made a statement that you believed 3.39 was the lowest price (which also
doesn't include shipping) , I provided a link to show others that panels can
be had much cheaper.I am not going to "chill pill" , I am an avid getting
the lowest price type of guy and if more people would get involved because
it's under 2 bucks a watt , then I feel I helped out the solar cause

I am not a shill for Sun Electric , I am a design engineer which redesigned
the Suntie, Wrote a homepower article and  now have completed my second ,
large grid-tie system. Check out eBay feedback for SunElectric, they sell
the panels their and have many other verifiable sales at low prices

Posted by Roger Gt on February 4, 2004, 8:20 pm

"Solar Guppy" wrote in message

street prices in comparing

who have never bought a

benchmark for doing cost

155 watt modules at 2.50 watt


panels at

group ANY verifiable low price

I live in Lakeland Fl , it

carry the modules.

"verifiable" was what I recommended!
"I will promote"  definition of a shill.
Sun Electric is about 2,500 miles from me and the
shipping would easily eat up any savings in price
per watt.  There is more to a system than the
price per watt!"

Miami , the warehouse is

have very low over head and

of the low price panels in

"house" Brands are all the

I've been to Miami, not recently.  It rained the
entire time!  All of Miami was soggy!  And I was
paying for a room on the beach!

the lowest price (which also

show others that panels can

pill" , I am an avid getting

would get involved because

out the solar cause

Sorry, $.39 included a charge controller and
shipping. Only a few months ago! (July 03)

Is "solar" a "cause?"
I mistakenly thought it was a potential power

design engineer which redesigned

have completed my second ,

for SunElectric, they sell

sales at low prices

Ah, so you have a financial interest in getting
people to follow your recommendations!

I'm also a design engineer.  I do not recommend
suppliers I use to others on the basis of price
alone.  Quality and service are vitally important!

 My publications list is long and not relevant to
this discussion.  My primary interest in Solar
cells is on Satellite applications.



have to





used or

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Posted by Solar Guppy on February 5, 2004, 4:14 am
"I will promote"  definition of a shill.
Ah, so you have a financial interest in getting  people to follow your
Best prices I see lately is #3.39 per watt for a PV panel in 75 to 140
(which has changed into)
Sorry, $.39 included a charge controller and shipping

Read the dictionary , one who false claims being a customer or for
self-interests is a shill , I am neither
I have no financial interest in the sales of ANY products , solar or
Make up you ever changing mind , what actually did YOU buy and at what cost

I have posted factual , informative information with links that can be
verified with one phone call or mouse click to eBay.

If you have anything to respond with , please use FACTS ... (such as
shipping coast to coast would add 1.39 per watt to the cost of a panel)
otherwise I'll start using big words like TROLL

Posted by Roger Gt on February 5, 2004, 7:34 am
"Solar Guppy" wrote in message


people to follow your


a customer or for

products , solar or otherwise.

And you didn't publish articles and you are not an

Whole system less batteries for $.39 a watt!
You could not get that!
Entire system, mounts, batteries, wiring, permits,
and a support for it.  Cost total $900.

I didn't realize you were so busy promoting a
dealer in FL that you didn't read the post!

<snipped the garbage>








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Posted by DJ on February 4, 2004, 3:24 am

 If you go alternative, you'll have batteries; consider changing your
recirc pump to a DC unit, and save ALOT of wattage there, too!

Remember the golden rule of wind turbines, though: 40 feet or better
or don't bother!

And one that's "been done". Installed a nice auto tracker that ran off
a tiny panel on the side, no additional power required, it was
self-powered and self-aiming. Pretty standard.

 Oh, be VERY careful with that! Had a client that drove himself pure
nuts hearing the vibration of the windmill mounted on his house. It
was a double-whammy: so low that it spent half it's time searching for
the wind, and the other half, spinning itself silly with gusts.
 Like I said, 40 feet or better (roughly topping out at about 100') or
don't even bother.

 Tons of places, depending on where you are. I like my suppliers to be
within arm's reach, though. Checkout Homepower magazine
(homepower.com) for listings.

Grid-tie, we call that, when you try to suppliment but not replace the
utility grid. No problem, either. This is starting to be an investment
now, though! Alternatively (pardon the pun) you could have a generator
auto-start to charge up your batteries when they get low, or you could
just watch them, and start it yourself!
 As for the snow, they're usually on a 45 degree angle or so
(depending on lattitude) so a fair bit will fall off on its own, and
if you put them on trackers or ground racks, it's a quick visit with
the broom to clean them up. Roof mounts and snow are not a good
combination ;-).


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