Hybrid Car – More Fun with Less Gas

Looks like some dim bulbs at the NY Times

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Posted by danny burstein on February 26, 2009, 6:27 pm
from an article about the advantages of on-site "cogeneration"
[reformatted for clarity]

Cogens are also considered greener, because they lighten the
demand on Con Ed's older, dirtier plants and generate as-needed
energy on location.

Electricity weakens as it travels along transmission lines. Indeed,
only 40 percent of each volt that Con Ed generates reaches the
customer, according to Thomas W. Smith, the chief executive at
Endurant Energy, the consulting firm managing the One Penn Plaza
installation. The remainder dissipates into the grid as heat and
carbon emissions.
Office buildings in Manhattan, which sit over rich veins of natural
gas, were a natural market.

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