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Posted by Lisa@MadisonDynamics on February 14, 2004, 6:43 pm
Dear Prospective Millionaire,

I have some important news to share with you.

Every once in a blue moon, something comes along that
changes the world forever. February 9th, 2004 was one of
those days...

It's the day my friend, Stone Evans, sent an announcement
to his average-sized mailing list of 9,000 subscribers
about a new company called MadisonDynamics.

What happened in the next 36 hours was truly astonishing...

Stone sat and watched as 791 unique people from countries
all around the world signed up as a f.ree tour affiliate
for MadisonDynamics. And before he could catch his breath,
over the next 36 hours 396 of those people (more than half!)
upgraded to become full paying members of MadisonDynamics.

This average guy's residual commission check from this
announcement to his 9,000 subscribers is already $,442.03
and growing fast... That's $01,304.36 in annual income in
just 36 hours of "work".

I feel obligated to share this with you now because I have
never seen results like this before, and neither has Stone.

MadisonDynamics is on a mission to create millionaires.
Their incredible product line and unique compensation plan
has raised the bar for all Internet affiliate programs and
business opportunities.

If you are promoting anything else right now, I urge you to

Whether your opportunity is saturated in the market, the
compensation just doesn't live up to what you expected, or
despite what you do - nobody signs up to become a paying
member of your group... the story is the same for 99.9% of
all the hard working people who try to make a buck online.

No matter what you've seen or heard before, quickly forget
about it. Holding any doubt or dis-belief in your mind at
this point could only hold you back from *experiencing*
something absolutely extraordinary here today.

Very rarely does something new come along that changes the
world forever and improves the quality of life for millions
of people (ie. running water, elecricity, telephone, fax,
remote control, Internet, etc.).

Remember this date: 2/9/04

This day in time represents another important breakthrough
for people everywhere. MadisonDynamics was officially
launched to the public creating the ONLY opportunity where:

"It's Made To Be Impossible Not To EARN!"

That's *more* than a company slogan!

Just look at Stone's statistics... $,442.03/month in just
36 hours... with a mailing list of only 9000 subscribers.
This is absolutely unheard of. (I can show you places where
you can mail 23,000+ subscribers spam free for as little
as $0.00.)

But before we do that, you need to get setup with your own
MadisonDynamics affiliate account so you can tap into this
explosive revenue stream for yourself.

Even since you started reading this message, people have
been joining MadisonDynamics like CRAZY and as soon as you
get your new account setup, this revolutionary compensation
plan will automatically start directing these signups under
you to feed directly into YOUR monthly residual income. Go
ahead and secure your position here: (but keep reading...)


I signed with Stone Evans who joined directly under
MadisonDynamics co-owner Simon Grabowski. In case you don't
know Simon already, he's the marketing mogul who's created
such innovative products at GetResponse, WebsiteWizard,
HyperTracker, eBookGold, BizMint and DynamiteCovers...

Simon is one of the true pioneers of the Internet whose
been helping regular people from all over the world make
money online since 1998. The reason it's important that you
sign up in Simon's direct line is that MadisonDynamics has
a compensation plan which offers a lot of spillover.

Simon is inviting his massive database of 300,000 motivated
customers and affiliates to join MadisonDynamics and as
long as you get positioned immediately, you can benefit
from the tidal wave of new paying customers who will join
MadisonDynamics in the next few days...

(I've never been able to make a promise like this...)

Here's what you need to do now:

1. Rush to http://www.MadisonDynamics.com/index.php?14640 . Click on "Become an
iAssociate" image on the right.
3. Fill out the form to sign up as an iAssociate.
4. Upgrade your account to "Premium".

On top of everything Simon will be doing to help you grow
your residual income automatically, you will also be a part
of Stone Evans' group too...

Here's why this is so important and why you should not sign
up for MadisonDynamics with anyone else:

Stone Evans owns one of the 3000 most visited websites in
the world and gets more targeted t.raffic to his site than
CocaCola.com, McDonalds.com, Subway.com and many other
multi-billion dollar corporations who spend millions of
dollars in advertising to drive traffic to their websites.

Why should you care about this?

Stone is going to devote his entire high traffic domain to
recruiting new MadisonDynamics customers. Your downline can
start filling up simply through Stone's recruiting and the
efforts of all the people he brings into MadisonDynamics!

This is truly a rare opportunity.

If you've ever heard claims like this before, forget about
them --- they simply don't compare. You have never seen a
company as strong as MadisonDynamics and leadership as
committed to YOUR success as what you'll find when you sign
up to secure your position in MadisonDynamics now:

Through my own special relationship with Stone Evans and
Simon Grabowski, you have an exclusive opportunity to be
positioned above the tidal wave of new affiliates and
customers who will be joining MDI today, tomorrow and for
the rest of time... Don't delay. Join now:


You'll honestly thank me for it.

Your partner in success,

Lisa Lavelle

P.S. It's not every day that you get to invest in Microsoft,
Starbucks, or Amazon.com when they first launched. You have
an opportunity to be a part of something truly amazing here
and your investment today could pay huge dividends for the
rest of your life (even if you just sit and hold)...

I never say these kind of things lightly and I personally
HATE hype. But, I feel it is my duty to encourage you to do
*whatever it takes* to join MadisonDynamics right now.

It's as though, I know, that if you DON'T join right away;

(please read that last statement again)

I urge you not to miss this one! Join immediately:


P.P.S. You don't have to wait on all the spillover that
you're going to get... When you're ready to grab this bull
by the horns and explode your MadisonDynamics paycheck
overnight, take this same honest endorsement letter, place
your MadisonDynamics ID# into it (above) and send it out as
a solo ad to some of the red hot Internet marketing ezines
listed here: http://www.bigdogpit.com/adv-solos.html

MAF Anti-Spam ID: 20040213193810N9f3WeK3

Posted by CM on February 17, 2004, 7:11 am

<garbage snipped>

And every day the same stupid scams come out and spam
the net, only minor details change.

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