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Minus 26 c here today any thougts anyone?

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Posted by no one that you know on November 26, 2006, 5:02 pm

Minus 26 c here today got the wood stove going like mad.......
I live in a 1000 sq' split bungalow.
2 bedrooms up 2 down 1 fam room up 1 down etc.
My furnace is 43 years old I really dont care about replacing it since I
put the wood stove in.
I can heat the main floor very easy with wood. I have done this for two
winters now.
Problem is I now have some people living in the lower space so now I
have got the NG forced air furnace turned on to heat the downstairs.
What I did was close all the vents to the main floor and back off a bit
on the woodstove for balance. This takes off about 1/3 of the usage for
the furnace if I was not using the wood stove.
Problem now is the furnace does not like the lack of air flow especialy
since I replaced the belt drive for a direct drive blower with more cfm.
My primary concern is not to just replace the furnace but to keep using
wood as much as possible.
I was talking to the local HVAC guy the other day about space heating
options. He said that he recommends a on demand DHW direct vent cold
water heater and four zones in the basement. The way he described it is
that it would heat the basment via the water radiators and would give
priority to my taps shower etc when in use. I like this idea....I could
just leave the old furnace the way it is as back up....plumbing would be
a snap I could put rads any where I need. I didn't ask but I assume he
would be talking about a system with heat exchangers that would circ
glychol on the house heating side ( I would insist on this). In the
future I could add a circ of the wood stove to move some of the wood
heat down.

Has any one heard of a system like this....I guess the bottom line is he
is using the on demmand as a house warming boiler....my worrie is these
are not built for that kind of usage. He claims he can do this to local
code. I have seen many floor heat systems installed by him where he used
a large DHW tank. I everycase he told the homeowners this was not the
best option. The ones that cheaped out up front went for the DHW tank
instead of a bioler. Each and everyone of his systems was built so he
could just plop in a boiler in the future.
He does nice work.
I am leaning towards this idea because I would also gain the benifits of
going tankless for my DHW

Posted by Balanced View on November 26, 2006, 5:29 pm

no one that you know wrote:

I'll have to send you a little  global warming, it's plus 10 here in
South Eastern Ontario ;~)

Posted by no one that you know on November 26, 2006, 5:45 pm

Balanced View wrote:

Ya I saw that on the weather channel this morning.
We are going to dip to minus 30 tonight and stay like that for a couple
of days.
I think your days are numbered looks like the cold front is pushing it's
way out east and down. I live right on the south/east edge of the
mountains in AB. The mountains were holding the cold snap back for a bit
there but looks like BC is gittin some too.
Global warming my ASS lol

Posted by Balanced View on November 26, 2006, 8:37 pm

no one that you know wrote:

Could be, but the "Freeze up" time here has been moving deeper into late
December early January every year. It's been a Christmas holiday
tradition in my family to go skating over the holidays with the kids
for the last 20 years, but year by year the ice time grows shorter, last
year we didn't get to skate till after Christmas, and only then on ice
marked "Unsafe Keep Off" by Belleville City Works Dept.( water was only
fot and a half deep, ice depth <6inches).

Posted by no one that you know on November 26, 2006, 5:39 pm

Just had a thought.......
since my furnace (temporally) has less flow across the heat exchanger.
I just switched the stat to turn on the blower at low speed when it
calls for heat. Hard to explain but it has this option to turn on blower
low speed at the same time as gas valve. It stills kicks into high speed
if there is enough heat built up in the heat exchanger (some MoD's I did
with a couple of relays and yes it was passed by the electrical
inspector) I also turned down the main gas valve until the burner flames
dropped by about half. My thoughts are this will compensate for the lack
of air flow across the exchanger. Anyone else got any ideas as how to
make a big old beast NG furnace heat a smaller area? Actually this fixed
the big foof flame roll out upon fire up.
Would I be right in saying that if I close the main partially at the
furnace I am reducing gas flow but should still have the same gas
The pilot light did not change?
As I type this I am waiting for a few cycles to see what happens?

no one that you know wrote:

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