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More than half the UK wind farm energy is wasted

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Posted by Bjay on December 3, 2003, 5:07 am
More than half the UK wind farm energy is wasted

A Web site describing how a new design of cleaner could save energy equal to
the total output of 650 Wind Turbines.


Vacuum Cleaners waste more than 50% of the power that they use by blowing
out air that could be recycled.


Posted by Adi Schwarz on December 6, 2003, 11:16 am
Bjay wrote:

So what? What do you think how much energy is wasted by electronic
devices without a "real" main switch that really turns off the power
supply? Not only TV, VCR where standby could make sense, also PCs,
monitors, printers, scanners, Hi-Fi systems, and all devices with an
external power supply (mobile phone, discman, ...)

_every_ single device consumes 1 - 5 Watts, not only some minutes a day
but _always_! I estimate that you could easily save one nuclear power
plant in the UK if everyone would e.g. plug his computer and all
peripherals on a power distributor with a main switch, unplug his mobile
phone charger when he does not need it,... and in addition I would say
you could afford a nice meal in a restaurant with the money you save.

In comparison to the energy that is wasted all the time the vacuum
cleaners are unimportant. Why does nobody care? Because energy is still
much too cheap, even in Europe.


Posted by News on December 7, 2003, 12:04 am

equal to

A vacuum clear generally blows out that is heated by the motor.  In the
heating season this heat is kept with the heat envelope of the house. So
overall, not as inefficient as you might think.


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Posted by Bjay on December 7, 2003, 4:55 am
 .Edison certainly was a good judge of people, the comments I have just read
certainly justify his comments shown below.
 Edison said Quote ' There is not a single new art or device the World has
ever had enjoyed of which it can be said that it was given an immediate and
enthusiastic reception.
First they said it could not be done; the second in which they said anybody
could do it; and the third in which they said it had always been done by

I think it would pay you to actually read my Web pages before jumping to
conclusions This new cleaner actually exists, it is patented, It has been
developed and tested over about fourteen years. pictures on my the web pages
will show how it works.
Forty volunteers some of them asthmatics have tested prototypes for many
months and all said it outperformed the cleaners that they normally use.
Still, discussion can be good so thank you for your interest Gentlemen.
Web URLs are



Cheers and the seasons greetings to all. Ben

Posted by Eric Tonks on December 9, 2003, 2:50 am
 Even your vacuum will leak some dirty air into the environment of a house
interior because it is impossible to have an airtight seal. I prefer a
central vacuum where all the dirty air is exhausted outside and not in the
house. Granted this air and the heat or cooling it contains is wasted. But
the inside of my house has absolutely no dust or allegens stirred up into
the interior. The air that goes separately through the motor to cool it is
retained in the envelope.

Do you not run air through the motor to cool it? Where do you dump it. You
certainly cannot use the hot dirty air to cool the motor!


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