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Need help with nitinol motor Bribe offered

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Posted by Larry Snyder on July 4, 2008, 7:45 pm
HI All.  I am developing a motor using super elastic nitinol wire and have
Picture at: http://www.pacificsites.com/~snyder/motor.jpg   The most
frustrating problem is joining the wire together.  I bought some tiny
stainless steel tubing from Ebay.  The idea is to use this as a sleeve and
solder/braze it together.  It hasn't arrived yet.  I have been unable to
find small high pressure crimp fittings.
The second problem is the wire slipping on the pulleys.  I will send anyone
coming up with a solution to either of these problems a piece of wire to
play with, assuming it is something I can use. Wire description at:
This wire has a transition temp ~100C.  This helps resolving the cooling
side.  The heating side can be easily insulated with cheap
materials(styrofoam).  I am hoping to put this on a bicycle and operate with
solar power. Any comment/suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in advance.

Posted by z on July 4, 2008, 8:15 pm

that looks very cool.

Have you tried coating the pullies with anything?  I"m thinking like
performix plastic dip (or similar) -- its that stuff you dip your tool
handles in.  This would give a rubber like coating that might increase
your grip. You can just paint it on so its easy to apply. Might wear off
pretty fast though.. dono

good luck


Posted by Larry Snyder on July 5, 2008, 5:30 pm

HI All.  I posted this on several newsgroups and got a lot of responses. I
would like to thank everyone for their input.
The answers that I like are:
capstain/multiple turns around pulleys
use tubing for guide and spot weld
grooving pulleys for more surface area
crimp fittings from fishing supply store
idlers/belts to apply extra pressure on pulleys
Answers I didn't like:
coating pulleys with nonslip stuff-   wire pressure too great. will fail too
I have notified people with the above ideas and will offer wire only for
some other ideas.
Thanks for your interest.

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