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Need source other than Ebay for the small 250 watt grid tie inverters - Page 2

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Posted by BobG on July 21, 2010, 3:16 am

I got one here a while ago...

Posted by Jim on July 23, 2010, 1:52 pm


Thanks for the lead, exactly what I was looking for.  Their prices are
a bit higher than Ebay, but it looks like the exact same 500 watt
grid tie inverter for sale on Ebay, with a different label.  This one
has one additional
feature, it will operate down to 10.l5 VDC input, which means you
could run it off battery bank if you had to on a cloudy day.

Pay Pal has gone crazy; now to open an account they want all your
banking information, your bank account number, access to your
checking account information, etc.  Previously just a credit card
was sufficient.

I just read somewhere that Google, Pay Pal, Ebay, etc are all
cooperating with that new super secret government department that
was exposed by the Washington Post (Dana Priest worked on it for
two years).  This is probably the biggest scandal in US history,
making the old Soviet Union and Gestapo pikers by comparison, and
virtual slaves and informers on each  other.  In that department
there are over 800,000 TOP SECRET clearance holders, and no one
knows what their budget is or how many are employed, or where they
are located.   SCARY!
I read this department got it's start with bringing over old STASI
and KGB bosses by our Russian-born  chief of Homeland Security.

No thanks Ebay/Pay Pal, Google.

BTW, there are a few videos on You Tube showing homes
using these inverters, and there is one fellow running at least
5 of them, as he gets more money he puts up another panel or two.
I'm sure they are cheaply made in China, but this fellow on You TUbe
has been running them for some time without problems.  He has
battery switches on the primary side of each one and can switch in
as many as needed due to solar conditions, all outputs are just
plugged into a regular wall outlet.

Another fellow has dual 1 KW windmills feeding his, you should
see this setup, and at one point they were putting out over
50 amps to the inverters.  

I just want one to experiment with, as I'm getting $00 + electric
bills during summer, due to our utility charging more than
twice the electricity usage for some kind of "Katrina" surcharge,
and the fact that they put a Public Service Commisioner in office that
was in the same energy selling business and he gave ENTERGY
anthing they wanted while he was in office, and was quickly voted
out, but it was too late.  He should be in prison instead of on his
big yacht in the Bahamas at Entergy's expense.  Entergy shareholders
did not miss ONE dividend payment after Katrina, but ratepayers have
to pay for all new infrastructure for an indefinite period, and the
surcharge is larger than the electricity usage by over twice.

Strange, none of the adjoining utilities are charging this tribute.

Our Country has become one that rewards incompetence and malfeasence
and stifles innovation and self-reliance.



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