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Nissan Leaf Electric Car - How do they handle the Air Conditioning load? - Page 7

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Posted by Michael B on August 15, 2010, 3:57 am

It's a moving vehicle. Seems to me that a direct
conversion from rotation to heat would be more
efficient than charging the batteries and then
partially depleting them for the sake of providing heat.

Posted by vaughn on August 15, 2010, 7:39 pm

Huh?  It is a battery operated car.  All of the energy to operate it comes from
the battery.  That fact that it happens to be a moving vehicle has nothing to do
with anything.

Further, my question particularly concerned the Nisson Leaf.  Does anyone know
how they heat the passenger compartment?


Posted by Jim on August 15, 2010, 8:01 pm

On Sun, 15 Aug 2010 15:39:58 -0400, "vaughn"



On their web site, they mention that in order to conserve battery
power, there is a remote control that will either pre-heat or pre-cool
the car (as needed) while it is still hooked to the charger.  Thus,
when you get in the car, it is already hot/cool.  Of course, you
transfer the load from the battery to the charger.

Also, elswhere in their site, it mentions that the 100 mile
"estimated" range is without the climate control activated.

The idea of a tiny trailer with generator is a good one, an accessory
to keep you going on cross country trips.

The 220 volt standard house charger is an extra $500 or so, so you
can add that to the price.

My buddy and I were discussing the Volt and cost of operation, and we
came up with Guerilla Solar would be the way to go.  Have as many 200+
watt panels as you can afford at the time and the grid tie micro
inverters, and pump the energy into the grid or into the charger if it
is daytime, recover it from the grid at night.  This way you get the
FULL PRICE for your electricity generatred, not some small fraction
the power company wants to pay you.
According to the Volt site, it comes with a 120V plug for a standard
outlet, but takes about 24 hours to get an 80% charge, which is no
problem if you just use it for occasional grocery/shopping trips.
Coupled with the Guerrila Solar system the cost of operation could be
very low.  SOme of us already have a few solar panels so you could
divert the energy into the grid or the charger

You can also use the VOlt battery pack for storage I think I read
somewhere, that is, you can draw energy from the pack for other uses
(not sure if I read this or it's just wishful thinking).

I have yet to see any electrical specs except the pack is 24 KWH pack.

I guess heating would come from the motor windings and maybe braking
sytem, two possibilities, or the A/C heat pump system.


Posted by News on August 19, 2010, 6:46 am

Many companies were researching light-weight insulated bodies for EVs.
Current cars use wasted heat to heat the car.  So today not a problem. An
insulated body with the correct type of glazing is the only way to go in

What type of body does the Leaf have?  The Volt has a normal cheap sheet
steel body.

The Volt gives 50-60mpg operating off the generator.  With a normal sized
battery, or slightly larger, and a supercapacitor to reclaim brake regen,
the Volts setup of using electric driving motors and a generator set is far
more efficient than right now.  That is "not" running off a battery.  The
large battery set makes matter far more eco and cheaper to run using cheap
grid electricity.

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