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Panel question and testing charge controller

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Posted by Mark & Shauna on August 5, 2004, 4:06 pm
Hello all,
    A friend works for a company which has some remote meter stations
powered by small panels. He has given me a panel which he said was taken
out of service due to a problem but he didnt know what the problem was.
Its a Solarex MSX60 and it has a Solarex SRX-12 attatched to the
junction box as well.
    The panel has 4 leads coming off (two red and two grey), on two of them
I get 13.8 volts and on the other two I get around 19 volts. The
schematic on the back shows wiring digrams for 6 and 12 volt operation.
The charge controller however I have no idea how to test/check.
    Another question is, where we are running a 24v system here at the
house and this is only a 12v panel can I simply rewire one of my PW95's
for 12v and couple it up with this 60 watt panel to get it into the
system at 24v? I was unsure if the panels need to be the same wattage to
be connected in series?

Thanks for any input,

Posted by Sylvan Butler on August 7, 2004, 8:45 pm

The max current you will get thru a series connect will be the smallest
of the panels in series.  It is possible to burn out a very small panel
in series with a very large panel.

Parallel the voltage needs to match.

Series the current needs to match.


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