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Posted by m II on June 20, 2010, 3:52 am

Grow the fuck up!

Are you over 12 years old?


Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on June 20, 2010, 1:43 pm

What difference would it make how old I am? I don't accept people
telling lies about me or others, which is the only contribution that
ghio has made here for *years*. Nor do I accept idiots trying to sell
their "design" services here at the same time they're lecturing on
such things as the use of 300k wire and 150A rheostats for generator
field control. Normally I'd say that if you don't like reading my
posts, then stop doing that. But I suspect that advice might be a bit
complicated for you, so I'll shorten it to "blow me".


Posted by LectronNuis on June 22, 2010, 1:19 am

wmbjkREMOVE@citlink.net wrote in:


It does if you are "losing it" Wayne.

contribution that

However GammonGhio is not alone, as you know.
Nor is GammonGhio any less a victim than you are.
Read on.
I got no dog running here Wayne, I gave up on these
RE froups years ago.. long before most of
today's 'contributors' [loose use] were even
able to buy their own screwdriver.
I would offer most of those from the original
sci.* froup are also well gone.
And why?
Only because of the deluge of farkwits now able to
simply load a froup to a browser and flood the
place with witless BS.

So why now?
Look at who you are responding to Wayne, and I
m e a n   _L00K_.
I tried (quietly) to get "mII"'s attention.
There is no reason I am aware of the real "Mike"
would not at least say "G'day".
It never happened.. I brought it here, the request:

Now,, I do not know what the freckle is going on with
these "mII" forgeries, nor what the forger hopes to achieve.
I do know the original "mII" gave Gymmy Bob quite a bit
of hurry up with all the stupidities GB posted as trolls.
Maybe that hurt is still red raw?
Maybe it is simply the case GB has adopted the "mII" ID?
You can be sure GB is laughing long and hard at your
"blow me".
You are reading as "flipping out".
GB is the one with an erection you could crack fleas
on. Take that to the Bank.

No flame war starting here Wayne.
I make you the same offer I made Mike-"mII", thinking it
was Mike-"mII".
whisp3r at fastmail.fm
.. will get me giving a full version.



Posted by ghio on June 22, 2010, 12:57 pm



noun: Hind portion of a side of bacon

noun: Meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)

Nice try, but you still haven't quite got it down to the pigs ass.
Just near. You might have considered "pudendagra" or perhaps

wayne claims that I am being unfair and yet we have the following from
the pleionosis wayne himeslf:


My answer to this was;

Oooo, now I'm really scared. It seems that you really are blind as I
have not removed the link from this discussion at any point. But as
you like the idea of a challenge I'll tell you what, You put your
original site up for the world to see with a prominently displayed
link to my site and I will include your link on the links page on my
site. Not likely is it. It would mean that you would have to go
through all the fuss of claiming that if any one else says you numbers
don't add up you will remove your site and then posting a bogus post
to say that your numbers don't add up so you can look hard done by.

I think that this was a very fair answer to the whole question. You
will have to ask wayne why he would disgrace himself to such an extent
he has over his challenge.

As far as mll being GB, it is just as likely to be wayne himself,
wayne having used countless names in these groups.

Still, your input will only confuse wayne more than he already is.

Posted by LectronNuis on June 23, 2010, 2:49 am

contribution that

I suggest you also expand your mind George.
Get out of the box you have built for yourself.
You are not even close!
And believe me your version never even entered
my scope of thought.
I want to insult you?
You will fucken well know it, take that to the Bank :-D

For the reader:
"gammon" is a Koori/Murri descriptor for a false
Used like "Speedy Gonzales" is used to put
emphasis on just how fast that critter gets around,
you get this, as spoken (Aussie) expression:
"The food stall is gammon" - meaning what is for sale
is not worth buying.
"This screwdriver is gammon" - meaning the utterer
found it with a busted tip.
"That saddlemaker, he be gammon" - meaning his
built saddles aren't worth having.

Like a lot of Australian indigenous "pidgin" the word is
taken from early use by British settlers to our Country.
gam·mon 2  (gmn) Chiefly British
1. Misleading or nonsensical talk; humbug.
To mislead by deceptive talk.
To talk misleadingly or deceptively.

"GammonGhio" is apt... IMCO.


George, like your electrical knowledge the lack of technical
 (NNTP) extents for your presence are very obvious. You
have no idea on sorting header (NNTP) shifts for anyone.
To hang your hat on aspersion is neither smart nor adult.
You yourself have tried nym-shifting so as to confuse (anger)
readers in the past.
Wayne's indiscretion?
My best recollection is of a huge gaff Wayne made in
attempting to defend his good work by adopting an
unannounced nym-shift, in total frustration I would add:-/
Both of you have hopefully learnt the lesson which decrees
"In social/technical froups there is nought to be gained (long term)
in abandoning the set persona, play the comment posted not the
Which, in a nutshell, is
"Accept being ignored should you prove to post shit".

George, Wayne is neither confused (muddled) nor confusing
(incites anger).
Yet I can easily place both of those judgements on your
persona, George.
And I know... that's _know_ "know".
Gymmy Bob also knows, and uses you as his tool.
That's two, George, Gymmy and I. Maybe you should
rethink some stuff?

I say to you exactly what I posted for Wayne's notice earlier;
"No flame war starting here Wayne. "
My strong advice to you is "pull yer head in"; "get over yourself"
... bloke!
Until that happens in your head you will always be a tool for the
likes of Gymmy Bob.

The rest is Help... for you, George.
My bet is you will skip it. Prove me wrong.
Wayne began posting to these RE "social" froups not that long
after the X-posting out of the sci* froup took hold. His early
work can still be read, today.
There is work posted before (time) the link below, however for AER
this is the earliest I could find quickly.
You, George are just one small piece of the flotsam which floated
into the RE froups amongst established credible posters.
Deciding to morph into GuggleGropers to post to a social froup
is current evidence of that fact.
It is the very line of idiocy you expound which caused those
of us with real qualifications and a great deal of experience
to pull up stumps and piss orf.
No regrets on my part, those enduring are welcome to it.
What I wish to impress on you George is the fact you are part
of a circus. You haven't got what it takes to be Ringmaster, you
do though have plenty to keep folks entertained.
Stick to doing just that and that alone.
Lose the harness the Gymmy Bob types shackle you with.
Lose the agro with Wayne, train yourself to accept valid
critique of what you believe. You are being corrected only
because your published belief is public, and in error.
Making it "personal' helps no one and will only serve to
have folks ignore ALL your work.
These are also basic Aussie Citizenship rules so it beats
me where you got your attitude from.

Nuff said...
Where you require "proof" Gymmy Bob is having the NG
for "sucker bait" I offer you equal opportunity to contact
myself at the email address published (thread).
Nothing further will be published by myself on this.



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murri_ (people)

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