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Posted by Morris Dovey on May 22, 2013, 3:32 am
On 5/21/13 9:29 PM, djh wrote:


You?re very welcome. It took a few years longer than I?d expected, but  
then the result was also more satisfying than I?d expected. :-)

Kudos should be directed to some of the folks over at alt.solar.thermal  
who patiently fielded a /lot/ of dumbass questions, fed me some really  
helpful explanations and search criteria, and went out of their way to  
help keep me on productive paths. Whatever accomplishment there might  
be, they share in it.

A Kiwi friend has agreed to produce an MP4 assembly animation - and I?ll  
add that to the web page as soon as he?s able to deliver.

There are a couple of (convenience) improvements that?ll have to wait  
for completion of the current LENR/MHD project, but they?re intended to  
improve high-rise installations and shouldn?t affect performance.

Morris Dovey

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