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Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on February 23, 2009, 7:45 pm

I didn't agree with Vaughn's conclusion or tone. But I didn't find his
response out of line, since anybody interested in becoming
self-sufficient would do well to make some basic calculations in order
to put their needs into perspective. Start here
http://www.homepower.com/files/webextras/loadcalc.pdf  Nevertheless,
I'm in the mood for a rant, so here it is.  :-)

<rant mode on>

The attitude you're contesting has at least 3 elements, and isn't
limited to PV or engineers.

1. Being different makes you scary - Try telling your neighbors that
you intend to actually do *anything* differently. For best effect,
propose becoming an atheist.  :-)  But even something as innocuous as
recycling can bring out the naysayers. If you want to hear some really
warped logic without getting into theology, then ask some heating
contractors about ground-source heat pumps. The general rule seems to
be that the more your proposal asks others to think for themselves,
the greater their opposition will be. I heard some good examples of
that recently in comments about a local guy's plans to install a
Skystream wind turbine. Man, you'd think that he'd proposed mandatory
devil worship or something. It got to the point that the politicians,
who apparently weren't willing to do a lick of research or critical
thinking, were seriously considering requiring a decommissioning bond!
2. We pretend to be brave, but we're really cowards - We've become a
society of wusses, who largely refuse to accept anything new at all
unless it's blessed by countless nannies, whose livelihoods depend on
finding barely-plausible faults with every proposal. We've hired an
army of these job-for-life weenies to tell us that even fences and
garden sheds should be considered in terms of the "safety" of
visitors, trespassers, future owners, their children, dogs, etc. Once
we accepted the logic that everyone must look out for everybody else
because hardly anybody can be expected to watch out or take
responsibility for themselves, then the you-can't-do-that
opportunities proved limitless. So now we have a society where it's
almost always easier to say no, and thereby avoid any responsibility
should something go wrong. We've taken this mother-may-I strategy so
far that we've belatedly discovered that we really can't afford nearly
so much nannyism. But to step back now would require admitting what a
bunch of lazy narrow-minded fraidy-cats we've been all along.

3. Which bring us to the most intractable element IMO, we're addicted
to denial - Making changes means admitting that things are wrong.
That's too difficult for most, so from the president insisting that
the Iraq invasion was a good idea, to the guy who's burning trash in
his backyard, it's become acceptable, fashionable even, to rationalize
the indefensible. Which has dumbed us down, perhaps to the point of no
return. Consider the common slip-in-fall - it should teach us the
value of wearing treaded shoes, but instead we've learned to limp our
stilettos over to a lawyer in hopes of a windfall. Small potatoes?
Then consider the effects of denial on a larger scale, as in this
http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/22/opinion/22rich.html?_r=1&em .

Can't say it often enough: we have met the enemy and he is us.


Posted by ralleyrat on March 2, 2009, 11:55 pm
On Feb 22, 4:28pm, m...@privacy.net wrote:

A simple system won't do that.
A cheap inverter will give you usable power off a solar charged
but if you want to tie into the grid, the AC waves must be in 'synch'
or the results can be unpleasantly expensive.
You can plug something into your inverter occasionally,
cut your useage, and "slow down the meter" that way.

Posted by BobG on March 3, 2009, 2:04 am
Hang on. I told him to get a couple of 120 watt panels and a Buyer's
Island 250 watt grid tie inverter. This WILL feed up to 250 watts back
into the wall socket. You coming along and saying it wont sort of
looks like I gave him a bum steer. I have one of these inverters, and
it works as advertised.

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