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Posted by z on October 16, 2008, 7:03 pm

I cook with wood all the time.  I use alder as it makes a nice bed of coals
and smells good.

If you want to cook beyond simply grilling get a dutch oven.  Just a big
cast iron pot with a lid .. you can even bake bread in those things, or
make a stew or pretty much anything you want.


The technique is pretty easy.. build the fire till you've got a good bed of
coals.. putwhatever you want to cook in the oven, pop it into the coals and
scoop some coals on the lid etc to make the heat even from all sides.

drink a few beers

then eat!

Posted by Ulysses on October 18, 2008, 5:00 pm

Thanks for the tips.  I've seen dutch ovens for sale at Harbor Fright that
looked like those big pots people used to have in Europe or wherever that
swung out of the very tall fireplace.  About the only cooking I've done with
wood is to roast hot dogs over a camp fire or in the fireplace.  My small
fireplace has an empty space above the firebox area that looks like it could
be used for roasting or baking but I'll have to do some tearing apart of my
nice, attractive new fireplace to get to it.  I like the idea of being able
to bake bread etc like you said.  I was rather surprised at the results I'm
getting baking with my solar cooker.  When I read you could bake bread in
them I imagined some gooey, ugly breadlike substance that would be barely
edible but instead I'm getting stuff almost as good as that cooked in a
conventional oven.

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