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Propane Cooking Range in power outage

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Posted by dave on June 30, 2003, 3:55 pm
I am trying to decide on a model/make to use in my solar home. The
nice looking stainless and Black models are loaded with electrical
that may stop the oven from working in an outage. I will have AC for
it but want to use it during times when the power is off, electrical
storm for instance. Any insight or advice where to look?

Posted by 'Captain' Kirk DeHaan on June 30, 2003, 4:13 pm
On 30 Jun 2003 08:55:11 -0700, astraea41@aol.com (dave) wrote:

We bought a Hotpoint unit with standing pilots.  The model is RGB524.
Came with jets for NG and a set for Propane.  Easy swap.  Have to look
for a dealer near you.


"Moe, Larry, the cheese!", Curly


Posted by Steve Spence on June 30, 2003, 4:34 pm
 stay away from the units that use a glow bar for ignition, you want pilot
models. cooktop may have electronic (piezo) ignition, but you can always
light with a lighter or match. the glow bar ovens require the glow bar to
hit a certain temp before they open the gas valve, and it cycles many times
during operation.

Steve Spence

Posted by CM on July 2, 2003, 9:20 am
Not necessarily. I have an older Gaffer & Sattler gas range that has
electric glow plug igniters. The top burners are usually lit by a glow
plug (a hot electric wire), but can be lit by a match if the power is

The oven is a bit more complicated - when turned on, the oven's
electric glow plug ignites a small pilot light, which heats a thermal
sensor, which then allows the main oven burner to start. As long as
the pilot light stays lit, the oven will continue to function, even if
the electric power goes out. When the oven is turned off, the pilot
light is also turned off, but in an emergency, the pilot can be lit by
a match.

There may be some models of gas ovens that will not operate at all if
the electric power fails. Consult the operation manual to find out for


Posted by Vaughn on July 1, 2003, 12:29 am

     I have a side burner on my portable bottled gas BBQ for exactly that
contingency.  We live in hurricane country and we expect that thing to be
our best friend some day (the Onan should also come in handy).


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