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Proton to Install Hydrogen Fueling System in New York City Metro Area

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Posted by lkgeo1 on October 16, 2006, 1:39 pm

Proton to Install Hydrogen Fueling System in New York City Metro Area

Publication Date:16-October-2006
08:30 AM US Eastern Timezone
Station to Use Advanced Electrolysis Technology for Onsite Hydrogen
Generation WALLINGFORD, Conn. -- Proton Energy Systems Inc., a
subsidiary of Distributed Energy Systems Corp. (Nasdaq: DESC - News),
announced today that its hydrogen technology group has signed a
contract with Shell Hydrogen LLC, part of Royal Dutch Shell plc (NYSE:
RDS-B) to install a hydrogen fueling system in the New York City
metropolitan area. The contract will showcase Proton's onsite hydrogen
generation technology for vehicle fueling.

The fueling system, based on proton exchange membrane electrolysis
technology, converts electrical energy and water into hydrogen fuel, to
then be stored on-site and safely dispensed into clean and efficient
hydrogen- fueled automobiles.

The installation of this system represents another opportunity for
Proton to demonstrate the performance of its technology in harsher
winter climates. By carefully monitoring this system, the companies
will be able to compare the New York area installation's performance
against several similar Proton installations located in warmer and
colder climates.

As the prime contractor to Shell for this installation, Proton will be
responsible for project design, equipment procurement, site
preparation, and installation and commissioning. Air Products (NYSE:
APD - News) will be a major subcontractor on the project and supply the
compression, storage and dispensing equipment.

"Working with organizations such as Shell and Air Products to showcase
our hydrogen fueling technology is the right kind of collaboration,"
says Rob Friedland, senior vice president of Proton's Hydrogen
Technology Group. "The station will support ongoing efforts to
demonstrate the technology in challenging environments, enhance
efficiencies and improve the engineering of an integrated system

Proton Energy Systems is providing its hydrogen experience and
expertise to the project and will supply the fueling system with a
Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer capable of producing 12
kilograms of hydrogen per day. The electrolyzer is expected to
represent in part the future of on-site hydrogen generation for fueling
stations with a retail-centric focus.

About Proton/HTG

Proton Energy's Hydrogen Technology Group is part of Distributed Energy
Systems Corp. (Nasdaq: DESC - News). Proton Energy offers
state-of-the-art PEM electrolysis-based fueling stations for light and
heavy duty vehicles, including automobiles, forklifts, and buses. These
stations are simple to install and operate, deliver high purity
hydrogen, and can be integrated with renewable power sources to offer a
zero emissions transportation fuel. Please contact our fueling team at
203.678.2351 and online at
http://www.protonenergy.com/company/hyd-tech.html  to learn more.

About Distributed Energy Systems Corp.

Distributed Energy Systems Corp. creates and delivers products and
solutions to the emerging decentralized energy marketplace, giving
users greater control over their energy cost, quality, and reliability.
As the parent company of Proton Energy Systems, Inc.
(http://www.protonenergy.com ) and Northern Power, Distributed Energy
Systems delivers a combination of practical, ready-today energy
solutions and the solid business platforms for capitalizing on the
changing energy landscape. For more information, visit
http://www.distributed-energy.com .

Posted by Anthony Matonak on October 16, 2006, 5:58 pm

lkgeo1 wrote:

How does this relate to homepower? Even if a person could get hydrogen
fuel, the fuel cells are too expensive to power a home and anyone in
NY Metro Area has easy access to the grid anyhow.


Posted by Vaughn Simon on October 16, 2006, 9:43 pm

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Posted by wmbjk on October 16, 2006, 10:58 pm

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 21:43:26 GMT, "Vaughn Simon"


Why would anyone call that a discussion group? Other than a few posts
by you, and now one from me, it's just lkgeo1 talking to himself. Does
anyone know if he does *anything* other than copy and paste hydrogen
press releases? I'm thinking that he can't have much time left over.
Enough to "plug" away at a beer bottle-cap coffee-table maybe? Oh
well, instead he can now look forward to spending the last of his
available free time refuting every negative Plug or Ballard article
that comes along.


Posted by lkgeo1 on October 17, 2006, 4:23 pm

Plug Power Signs Strategic Partner Agreement With NIC NEP for
Collaboration in Russian Market

Publication Date:17-October-2006
06:30 AM US Eastern Timezone
LATHAM, N.Y.-- Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq: PLUG), a leader in providing
clean, reliable on-site energy products, today announced that the
Company has signed a Strategic Partner Agreement (SPA) with the
national innovation company New Energy Projects (NIC NEP) to
collaborate on technology and market development efforts in Russia.
Norilsk Nickel and the Russian Academy of Sciences launched NIC NEP in
2003 to advance hydrogen power and fuel cell research. As part of the
SPA, Plug Power and NIC NEP will jointly approach the development of
commercial channels, supplier relationships, product manufacturing
capabilities, training and support services and requisite
infrastructure, all of which are necessary conditions for the
successful market adoption of fuel cell products in Russia. Based on
both technical and market considerations, Plug Power and NIC NEP expect
to develop a comprehensive, prioritized product roadmap to drive
product development and technology delivery activities in line with
Russian market requirements.

The partners also will pursue a number of technology development
projects based on comprehensive analysis of market and business
considerations. Targeted research and development areas include low
temperature Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) and fuel cell stack
technology, high temperature MEA technology, solid oxide fuel cell
development, de-sulfurization processes, fuel reforming,
ultra-capacitors, inverters and MEA production techniques.

At the global economic summit in St. Petersburg, Russia last summer,
the heads of state of the world's leading industrial nations agreed
that the future of energy must be an international priority while
representatives of Plug Power, NIC NEP and the Russian Academy of
Sciences began exploring the possibility of technical and commercial
collaboration. Plug Power and NIC NEP products and technologies were on
display at the Innovation Achievements' exhibition as world leaders,
including Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of Finland
Taria Halonen, toured the exhibit.

"On this world stage, we introduced our global partnership with the
promise of accelerated technology and market development in Russia,"
observed Dr. Roger Saillant, Plug Power's CEO. "We share NIC NEP's
vision for rapidly moving from hydrogen energy to a hydrogen-based
economy in the twenty-first century -- and now, together, we are boldly
moving forward."

NIC NEP develops technologies related to stationary fuel cell
installations, portable hydrogen and methanol fuel cells, microfuel
cells and electrochemical generators. The integration of Plug Power's
proprietary research with that of NIC NEP could lead to broader, more
accelerated advancements in fuel cell technology, according to company


A collaboration of industrial entities and more than 50 scientific
organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the company works
with the National Innovation Center for Hydrogen Power and Renewable
Energy Sources to develop Russia's Concept and National Program on
Hydrogen Power and is a significant influence on the direction and
implementation of the program throughout the country. For more
information, please visit http://www.nic-nep.com .

About Plug Power

Plug Power Inc. is an established leader in the deployment of clean,
reliable, on-site energy products. More than 650 Plug Power fuel cell
systems have been delivered to customers worldwide in commercial,
public sector, telecommunications, utility and uninterruptible power
supply markets. For more information about how to join Plug Power's
energy revolution as an investor, customer, supplier or strategic
partner, please visit http://www.plugpower.com .

wmbjk wrote:


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