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Posted by Richard W. on June 20, 2009, 5:05 pm

Bruce is right Smokestak.com has a lot of good stuff. I like this link to
the forums best.


Another thing I wanted to say is that at work they build hydraulic
generators. They use baldor generator heads and usually one or two need
flashing. They us a 9 volt radio battery. They put 1 wire in the outlet. (I
don't know which side. I never paid that much attention.) Then touch the
other wire to the case. Once they see a few sparks, they remover the wires
and run the generator and plug in a light bulb. Works first time every time.

I would suggest for the novice that you go to Ebay and search for a "field
flasher". Usually there is one or two up for auction. Current auction is
item # 170331647420 . The seller name is Boskydog93.

Also I thought I would mention that my generator said to remove all loads
before shutting off the generator. Might this have something to do with a
generator not producing power?

Richard W.

Posted by harry on June 22, 2009, 7:54 pm

The advice given to you is exactly correct.  It's almost like booting
up a computer.  Your alternator needs them magnetic field in the field
before it can generate but this is an electromagnet that gets it's
power from the alternator.
So the alternator's not generating how can it get power?
The answer is  there is a little bit of magnetism left in the field
from the last time is was running, just enough to get a little AC
which makes a little DC which boosts the AC which boosts the DC until
eventually it's up and running all out.
You can loose this "residual magnetism" as it's called and the answer
is indeed to "flash it up" with a car battery.  You have to make sure
you connect the battery the right way round. If it's the wrong way,
the rectifier will put in power the "right way" an kill your residual
magnetism. It's not the end of the world, the answer is to repeat the
exercise, flashing it up with the battery connections reversed, it
should then work. Supposing that was the problem to start with!

Posted by Fred F. on June 23, 2009, 3:53 am
 Thanks to all that replied. Not to single any one person out, but
thanks to Alska bruce. It sounds like you have a lot of experience.
The Sears tech is comming back out (warranty trip) and I am better
prepared to ask some questions.

Thanks again, Fred

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