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Posted by Curbie on September 20, 2009, 1:46 pm

Pate & Mike,

Dry Stacked Block contuction is a techique I've recently been



I'm struck by two construction ideas that he describes:
1) Something he claims to have originated that he calls "meshcrete", a
technique to replace surface bonding cement, he claims "The use of
meshcrete will save us a few thousand dollars on surface bonding

His "meshcrete" process involves draping nylon mesh that he buys in
bolts from a fabric stores over stacked block walls and cut off flush
with the foundation.

He claims the texture of the blocks and gravity "self adhere" the mesh
to the walls which sort of pops up into the wall bond while applying a
common cement mixture. After bonding the walls, the nylon fabric over
the windows, doors, and other opening can be cut away and any
remaining threads burned flush with a torch.

2) His ferrocement roofing technique, wood framing, foam insulating
cattle panels used to reinforce the cement, followed by chicken wire,
then more of his "meshcrete", and sealed with elastomeric waterproof

I find the self-paced DIY building, bug resistant, fireproof, thermal,
and added security characteristics very appealing.



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