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Report on the Dek 6000SL "silent diesel"

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Posted by Robert Morein on December 29, 2004, 11:40 pm
Someone asked me for my impression of this unit, which has shown up on eBay
at very reasonable prices.
I've just given mine the initial run, and my impression is very favorable.

1. The engine was running in at most three revolutions. Ambient temperature:
2. As it was twilight, I'm not sure if there was any initial smoke. However,
after twenty or so seconds, I was able to examine the exhaust, and to my
surprise, it was completely clean. I held my hand up to it, and felt only
water vapor. Even over a period of 20 seconds, no visible soot deposited on
my hand.
3. Speed was perfectly stable, with no hunting, immediately after cold
After 5 minutes warmup, I hooked up a 1500 watt cube heater. Turning the
heater on and off made  caused the voltage to vary by perhaps two volts,
with very slight and quick adjustment of engine speed.
4. The generator was subjectively noisier than expected, but with no
evidence of loose parts. The isomounts are doing their job. Bryon Kass of
"The Engine Room" informs me that most of the noise is coming out the
muffler, and suggests the addition of a Whitney stainless flex hose, which
he says cuts down the noise very significantly.
5. At 40F, the cabinet did not become warm to the touch.
6. The battery comes without acid. I replaced it with a Yuasa YUASA YIX30L
sealed AGM battery.

Chinese goods are currently regarded in the same way that Japanese goods
were in the 50's. Quality is uneven, with the best being extremely good, and
the worst a complete waste of money. I am obviously not in a position to
judge the internals, and I do not have a report based on a teardown.
However, the Dek F series is intended to be a copy of the Yanmar engine,
which incorporates the following features:
1. Roller bearing crankshaft bearings.
2. 200 psi forced lubrication of the crank pin and journal
3. chrome-moly crankshaft, in place of the usual vanadium
4. oil filter
5. teflon valve seals
6. bearings sourced from VW, rubber from Japan

Since the generator is enclosed in a sound cabinet, I could not perform a
complete inspection of the assembly. However, the castings appeared smoothly
finished, and the hardware was corrodized and of apparently high quality.
There were no sharp edges, or evidence of sand casting marks or porosity.
The engine/generator assembly was completely dry and smoothly finished. The
fuel shutoff valve, ignition key, and other controls worked smoothly. In
fact, the ignition key appears to be made of stainless steel, in imitation
of the Mercedes key.

Unfortunately, there are some dealers who leverage their money by auctioning
generators they do not actually own, and probably prioritize delivery
according to how much you paid. I won my generator for the second lowest
price I've ever seen on eBay,  possibly below cost. I did not receive my
generator until December 13, in between which, I gradually racheted the
threat level toward this particular dealer. I do not believe they intended
to default, and I got a terrific deal, but there are probably not very many
people who are willing to wait 6 months for delivery. Rather than name that
dealer, I would prefer to recommend someone who impresses me as a person.

I just had a very interesting conversation with Brian Kass of
http://www.enginecom.com . Brian sells these generators, and only sells from
stock. He spoke with me for an hour, even though I am not a customer, and
does custom work that may interest some readers of this group with limited
shop access. My compliments to him, and I hope I can persuade him to join us

Posted by Ignoramus25177 on December 30, 2004, 12:03 am

A very nice report. As for use of flex pipe before the muffler, my
Onan manual warns to install muffler as close to the exhaust manifold
as possible, otherwise, it says, there will be too much soot deposit
in the muffler, due to cooler exhaust. You have a different engine,
but, I would suppose, the same laws could apply.


Posted by Robert Morein on December 30, 2004, 2:05 am




I meant to say, flex pipe after the muffler. Of course there can/will be
soot, but the pipe is expendable.

Posted by Robert Bates on December 30, 2004, 3:18 am
 Thanks for the report.  I've been curious about these.


Posted by Steve Spence on December 30, 2004, 4:16 pm
 Bryon's a good guy. I met him in Bristol PA when I sold him my
grandfather's NOS yanmar inventory. You can trust him.

Steve Spence
Dir., Green Trust

Robert Morein wrote:

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