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Posted by j.b. miller on May 5, 2004, 10:43 pm
At the very least B+S have ALL their engine documentation FREE on the web.
Maybe not an important issue now...but.. I refuse to get anything with a
Tecumseh, as I like to repair stuff myself.
having to go to a so-called 'authourized' repair centre for info really


Posted by RamRod Sword of Baal on May 6, 2004, 12:52 pm


Thanks for your help.

Posted by SPR on May 7, 2004, 4:00 am

You're quite welcome. As I read the post re: online data, the poster makes a
real good point - for us folks that like to do it ourselves, having free
data is really a plus. I also learned a LOT about riding mowers when I was
given a FREE Craftsman mower - and found out how Murray builds them... I
wouldn't buy a Murray mower. Cheap, light mowers aren't worth the money. I'd
rather have a heavy duty, manly, lawn tractor (I've got close to an acre to
mow... ) that can climb hills when the grass is wet and pull itself out of
dips and valleys instead of me pushing it....

Posted by Bob Adkins on May 7, 2004, 5:44 pm

Careful now.

You can spend $K or $K on mowers of the same size and power. Will the 4K
mower last 4x longer? Perhaps it will be more comfortable and have a cup
holder, but is that worth 3K more? Will repair parts be cheap on the 4K
mower? (I doubt it!) Will the grass look smoother? How much smoother, and is
it worth 3K?

Hey, if you're rich, go for the status symbol and comfort. However, you
really can get more for your money with a $K mower.

I have both actually. I bought the 1K one later so I wouldn't have to haul
the 4K one to a distant field. The cheap one is a Craftsman, which I believe
is a re-badged MTD. The engine is an EXCELLENT 14hp B&S industrial, and both
mower and engine have been stone-chisel reliable. I now feel just a little
silly about spending $K on a riding mower, but those cupholders are


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Posted by N9WOS on May 7, 2004, 6:49 pm
The mower I have is a Murray "garden tractor".
differences from the "lawn mower" version are.
Heavier duty steering.
Heavy duty rear end.
Large tires that can accept bolt on weights, or fluid filling
Actual gear shift with a belt engagement system(clutch/break)
(I hate the two petal mowers,
you leg goes to sleep holding the pedal to move.)

A larger blade drive pulley on the engine to allow the
engine to run slower, but still achieve high blade RPM.
(You never have to run the engine any where close to
full throttle under any condition.)

A two cylinder IC engine as standard.
A  three blade mower deck as standard.

Price for the current one is about $700 at the local stores.

We bought one over 3 years ago.
It has a 18.5HP opposed two cylinder IC engine.
We mow over 5 acres with it.
It is good on gas.
Can almost mow the entire lawn (5+ acre) on 5 gallon of gas.
It stays on half throttle all the time.
The engine runs smooth.
I have used it to pull cars around with,
and the transmission has no problem with it.

The engine does not use any oil to speak of.
And the accumulated run time is in the thousands of hours.

The current engine they ship with is a 20HP V twin IC/intek.
From what my uncle tells me, the new engine is a bit harder on gas,
but it is still solid as a rock.

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