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Single Cylinder Steam Engines

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Posted by Andrew on August 3, 2004, 5:28 pm
Ok, so here's what I've been tasked to do

Build a system to produce smooth sinusoidal oscillations with a
variable stroke of up to 8" and variable frequency up to 30hz. The
driver required will be around 3 hp.

since this is supposed to be running by the end of august, and there
isn't time to machine all the necessary parts, my basic idea was to
cannibalize an existing single cylinder engine and connect the drive
shaft to a D/C or variable speed A/C . The arrangement will require a
connecting rod as the thing that I am driving cannot sustain the side
force. The stroke will be varied by allowing for different
crank arm lengths.

My question is. Where in tarnation do I find a single speed engine
that might be a candidate? Any other ideas for doing this? Any help
you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by Ashley Clarke on August 9, 2004, 9:33 pm

Why use a Piston when you can use Bellows?

Ashley Clarke
Email: ashley@a-clarke.demon.co.uk

Posted by Vaughn on August 9, 2004, 10:38 pm

     Actually, I have come to the conclusion that "andrew" is a troll of only
marginal imagination.  He/she/it posted this same stuff to many different groups
with widely differing subject lines and, afaik, has never returned to any of
them for comment.

Posted by Ashley Clarke on August 9, 2004, 9:38 pm
It`s called an "Air Muscle"; it`s a length of flexible tube wrapped in wire,
when the pressure increases inside, it contracts because the wire is
forced outwards, pulling the flexable tube together along its length
(like Belows in reverse).

Ashley Clarke
Email: ashley@a-clarke.demon.co.uk

Posted by Roger_Nickel on August 10, 2004, 5:08 pm
 Ashley Clarke wrote:

Consider using a double acting pnumatic cylinder with linear position
encoder and electronic control. 30Hz is a bit of a push but still worth
looking into. How much money have you got?.

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