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Solar Distiller Update (Phase 1)

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Posted by ClouD_SeVeN on June 27, 2003, 2:31 am
Solar Distiller Update (Phase 1)

As you way know, it has been raining for the
last 5 days here in Florida, so Phase 1 testing
was put off due to lack of sun, but now the
weather seems to be clearing up and Phase 1
testing will continue.

I posted some plans for the solar distiller on my
site. I now am using the regular
window glass and I'm check the output of
water this week (Phase 1 Testing). Next
week I'm testing Lexan over WIndow  glass (Phase 2)
which I believe should increase the water output.
I will post pictures and another update as
soon as Phase 1 testing is complete.
Phase 3 test  will include the solar cooking
rack and try to cook rice!

I've also heard someone say that the glass
may become to hot during phase 2 testing(
Lexan over Glass) if this happens then I have
came up with the idea of a "Solar Powered
Cooler" This will be a 12v case fan similar to
what is used in a computer,  powered by a
12v Solar Panel. The fan will blow air between
the Lexan and Window Glass.

I only have text up there now, there will be
pictures after Phase 1 test next week!

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so you can just work on projects for most of your
time then check out TrendScreener on the site
also :)

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