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Solar power solutions at home

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Posted by R on January 26, 2009, 5:18 am
With energy sources depleting at a rate faster than they are being
built, it is only wise that we use the abundant energy available for
free  the solar energy. Apart from the easy availability, solar
energy helps control environmental pollution. Most of us shy away from
installing solar power solutions at home thinking them to be expensive
and cumbersome. You will, however, be surprised to know how easy it is
to employ these power solutions. Moreover, these will help cut down
your power bills. Finally, you will be delighted to know tat you are
doing your bit to save power for the future generations.

This article will explore the various solar power options available
for home use.

Solar cooker: A solar cooker is a cooking utensil that uses absolutely
no fuel for cooking. You can cook food for up to five people in the
small box. If you are thinking that using a solar cooker will reduce
your chances of spreading up a varied platter on the dining table, you
will be surprised to know that you can not only boil food items in the
cooker but also roast and bake! The only limitation with the solar
cooker is the time it takes to cook. However, given the free source of
energy it uses, this is a great option for cutting down those sky-
rocketing bills and saving some power.

Solar home lighting: A solar home lighting system converts solar
energy into electrical energy for your home. This is done via cells
that are charged with solar energy. So, in the night, if you wonder
how the lights are on in the house, it is because of the solar energy
stored in the solar cells. You can install the solar home lighting
system in your house and not worry about the electricity bills

Solar heating system: Installing a solar heating system in your home
helps cutting down your electricity bill along with saving the worlds
quickly-exhausting power. If you are worried that a solar heating
system will turn your sweet home into a gadget house or that it will
be an expensive investment, your concerns are misplaced. Companies
providing solar power solutions for homes make it a point to install
aesthetically-pleasing heating systems in your house. As per as
expenditure is concerned, investing in a solar heating system is wise
because you get a return on your investment within 3-4 years, giving
you absolutely free service after that.

Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your power
bill. Get our complete guide at http://www.EarthEnergyToday.com/

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on January 26, 2009, 2:41 pm

From the FAQs at the spammer's site:

"Where do I find the parts to build the wind and solar panels?
You will be able to find most of the parts at your local hardware
store. We also give you a few great tips on getting your batteries and
panels for free. "

What a load of crap.

A quote from the author regarding the price of the book:

"I tried giving my book out for free but I simply couldn't get the
word out there."

Apparently the only <snorf> alternative was to get an army of spammers
to hawk the book, and use the money to pay the high costs of Usenet.

Too funny.

And wow, what a long-established outfit:

   Ryan Walters
   Rice Lake, Wisconsin 54868
      Created on: 24-Jan-09

To anyone who's interested in renewable energy or living off-grid:
everything you need to know is available for free on the web. Start
here http://www.homepower.com/files/webextras/loadcalc.pdf . The first
thing you'll learn is that it takes money to become energy
self-sufficient. One way to keep that cost down is to refuse to buy
silly books that attempt to convince buyers that they can get
something for nothing.


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