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Sustainable Living Conference in Florida

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Posted by Healing Today on January 21, 2011, 6:15 pm
Sustainable Living Conference in Florida

The 2011 Sustainable Living Conference at All World Acres, Tampa Bay
area, March 25-27, 2011.

The time is coming! The time is now. Many of us are noticing resources
getting stretched and cost of living going up. Why should life be so
hard? Answer: It doesn't have to be!

Join us at All World Acres to meet people involved in the local
sustainable living movement. Find out what they are doing to live in
sufficiency and cooperation with nature. That's it! The answer to the
dilemma of survival is in simple practice of the principles of
sustainable living.

Harmony - Sufficiency - Cooperation
More than just survival, a life of vitality and wellness. Find out
what people are doing in all facets of life through synergy of
connection with nature:
Permaculture, Organic and Biodynamic Farming, Food Forestry, Green
Structure, Renewable Energy, Do-it-yourself / Home made, Recycle/Zero
Waste, Synchronous Economy - New Models in Equanimity, Conscious
Community, Conscious Relationship, Holistic Practices.

The opportunity to participate as a presenter at this event is being
offered to people with experience in sustainable and holistic
practices. If you have a vision, service or product you would like to
share with the greater community please contact either:
Tom Carroll email: dawnlightsmile@yahoo.com or
Richard Fiallo email: info@healingtoday.com

Help us make this a memorable experience filled with transformative
inspiration, insight in benefit to all!

For more info and registration please visit: http://healingtoday.com/slcats.htm

All World Acres is a not for profit sanctuary in Plant City, Florida.

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