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Tank filling

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Posted by FredBear on October 11, 2003, 1:34 pm
I want to use an existing 1000 litre tanks as a "header tank" for drip
I can fill it from the bore / well in about 10 mins. I will thne let it drip
out over abou 2 hrs.

I want to have the bore/well pump switch on when (& only when) the tank is
and switch off when its full.

I think I can contril this with a timed cycle from the irrigation
controller. ie use a solenoid in the
line into the tank.

But I've been trying to search the net for a simple & **cheap** K.I.S.S.
type solution to
control the fill using floats or floatless (ie electronic via the 24vAC on
the solenoid)....

I've spent a couple of days now looking, but nothing strikes me as KISS,
anyone have links or suggestions?

I know this is not "home power" but many here seem to sove more complex
and maybe simple solns to tanks filling (even if not irrigation) might be

Many thanks in advance

Posted by George Ghio on October 11, 2003, 2:42 pm
 "FredBear" <Fredbear2412(via)yahoo.com.au> wrote:

Two float switches one N/O The other N/C With a latching relay circuit.

Too easy


Posted by Harry Chickpea on October 11, 2003, 4:06 pm

Even simpler is a purely mechanical solution:

Parts, assuming a 2' or 3' change in water levels:
1  5' steel rod
1  float
1  pound of weights to put on top of rod or float
1  2' length of tubing to fit loosely over the steel rod
2  supports for tubing
2  hose clamps to attach tripper arms to the steel rod
2  3" steel angles to act as tripper arms
1  Common push-on push-off light socket
1  light socket to 120vac socket adapter

Attach the float to the bottom of the steel rod.
Attach the weights to the top of the float or the top of the rod
Guide the rod vertically using the tubing as a sleeve.
Secure the sleeve to the inside wall of the tank.
Attach the light socket to the side of the tank above the water level,
orienting the socket so the push-on push-off switch is vertical and the switch
is in the off position when the peg of the switch is pushed up.
Screw in the socket adapter.
With the float in the highest position, clamp on the tripper arm so that it
firmly pushes the light switch to "off."
With the float in the lowest position, clamp the other tripper arm so it firmly
pushes the light switch to "on"
Attach the wires and plug in the pump.

Other materials can be used.  I just figured the light socket was something
that was common and cheap.

Posted by William P.N. Smith on October 12, 2003, 12:43 pm
 "FredBear" <Fredbear2412(via)yahoo.com.au> wrote:

In a word:


William Smith    w<underscore>smith@compusmiths.com
ComputerSmiths Consulting, Inc.    www.compusmiths.com

Posted by Harry Chickpea on October 12, 2003, 2:38 pm

"Latching operation is reset by making a momentary contact between the COM and
OFF terminals. The SSRL holds its operational state for up to 1 /2 second
during momentary power loss to avoid nuisance shutdowns. "

Depending on how the thing is rigged up, a "nuisance shutdown" could be the
tank not filling, or the tank overfilling (which could be more than a small
nuisance).  At least the company is up-front about the problem.

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