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The Benefits of Hydrogen Cells for Home Brewing

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Posted by jessie cheung on October 2, 2008, 11:58 am

See in your mind's eye if George Jetson had his own microbrewery; what
would it be resembling? Would the look be sleek as well as space-like?
How much greater and fast could it would it operate? How about the
formidable S.S. Enterprise? Can you simply appreciate Captain Kirk or
Captain Picard downing a pint of their private galactic beverage? And
what would provide power to the apparatus making such thrilling
domestic brews? Hydrogen cells are creating ripples and news as well
as all in between in a world where lack of energy is not some
economical urban legend.
The Hubbub About Domestic Brews And Hydrogen Cells
What exactly is a hydrogen cell? What does home brewing have in common
with energy conservation anyhow? Hydrogen cells are a type of fuel
cell, which is on the whole a device that conserves energy. Fuel cells
yield their own energy, almost all the time wit the aid of a
particular source of fuel as well as an oxidant. Hydrogen cells use
hydrogen as the fuel source and oxygen as the oxidant....


Posted by Ralph on October 2, 2008, 1:55 pm
I'm impressed.

If you can put those two items together so easily, you can sell anything.
If you could build it, you'd have all the beer-drinkers lining up.

'Course, you'd have to get the government off its war-horse, and down to the
economy of building its own energy supply first.

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