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Posted by harry on April 7, 2009, 7:10 pm

Pressure vessels are inherently dangerous unless properly designed.
That said you could do it.   However why not consider a monotube or
flash boiler, ie a length of pipe coiled into whatever shape suits?
Even if it was to burst, there would be no destructive explosion
though you could get scalded.

Posted by Ulysses on April 8, 2009, 4:45 pm



That's the type of thing I had in mind.  I can find instructions on how to
build one of those, just not what to connect it to.

Posted by Curbie on April 7, 2009, 8:54 pm
 My point to that post was there is no need to monkey around with the
dangers of steam temperatures or pressures until you prove the rough
size of the heat collector you need to build, the design costs could
kill your enthusiasm for the whole idea.

Steam harms or kills in two ways 1) a catastrophic failure (boom) or
2) sudden release (steam can an instantly fill a room killing every
organism in it). Remote sensors can eliminate the dangers (if you
never go near a steam operated device), if something fails, shut the
device down, figure out the problem from remote sensor data, clean up
the mess, and rebuild.

My hp output numbers are based on my understanding of parabolic
concentrators and old-time publicly available piston engine steam
data, I have NO clue what the use of a "Solar Bowl" instead of a
parabolic concentrator would do to the output numbers, I don't know
the math, so I've never run those numbers.

The "Solar Bowl" is just an IDEA that on its face could greatly reduce
the cost of heat collection, electricity from Solar Thermal IS bring
done on a large-scale commercial level so whether it can done is not
an issue,  to me, the issue is whether you can collect enough heat at
a cost that is practical for home-scale steam. Until that can be
proven for a particular location, details to combine boilers with
receivers is premature and irresponsible on my part.


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