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Use Renewable Energy to Increase the Value of Your Home - Page 2

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Posted by vaughn on June 3, 2010, 12:17 pm

That it a terrible generalization.  Your ratio of land value to total home value
is highly dependent on where you live.  I live in a very nice part of SE
Florida, but my land value would be a small fraction of the total value of my
home.  Florida land is not particulary cheap, but there are still places in the
USA where land is still amazingly cheap.  Location, location, location!

 > Having a solar system may make it

That is horrible, potentially expensive advice.  Folks tend to not understand
uncommon features in homes, so they can be a negative influence on the price of
a home and perhaps make the home difficult to sell at any price.  .

Again, that depends entirely on your location.  For the price of a good PV
system, you could buy yourself a very nice home site in many parts of the USA.


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