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Posted by Curbie on January 31, 2011, 7:10 pm

More lies, one would think you've dug yourself a deep enough hole with
your lies, but, you weren't trying to give new people an "idea" of
what others are doing, your words are there in print for anyone to
read, "Don't waste you time with solar. I use RPM technology to
generate 3KW for under $000, 24/7, rain or shine." basically, don't
waste your time with something that can return something, waste your
time and money on your over-unity non-sense which will eat the
investment and return nothing, YOU posted it there in black and white
no matter how many more lies you tell.

With the way you miscalculate rain and you obvious lack of
understanding of shine it is no wonder you believe you can generate
something from nothing and the impossible for everyone else is
possible for you. Non-sense!

I can see why you'd want me to leave here and go to YouTube it would
be far easier for you to mislead people, you can keep dreaming, but
it's not going to happen.

Remember, this newsgroup is alt.energy.homepower, not
alt.energy.fairy-TALES or alt.energy.scams


Posted by Jim Rojas on January 31, 2011, 7:35 pm
Curbie wrote:

I don't want you to leave Curbie. On the contrary, you make things
rather interesting here. I just wish you would put more thought into
what you post. You don't give constructive criticism. You like to
badger, and taunt. It's easy to condemn and belittle ideas. But you go
above and beyond that. It is borderline neurotic.

Jim Rojas

Posted by Jim Wilkins on January 31, 2011, 11:54 pm