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Posted by no spam on August 17, 2007, 7:02 pm

As I pointed out you really can't just look at your income tax rate because
there are many 'hidden taxes'.  Does an employer have to pay any taxes or
fees for each employee?  Here they have to pay FICA, workers comp,
unemployment etc.  If so that's money that should be going into your pocket
as wages but is going to the government as taxes.

BTW, I just heard that the identical quadruplets were born to a Canadian
woman today.  After she drove 200+ miles to the US because the Canadian
(Calgary?) hospital couldn't 'handle' the births.  I think the report said
that the hospital was full.

Posted by Trygve Lillefosse on August 18, 2007, 7:52 pm

I guess you are right about that.

But then again, you cannot look at the taxes without looking at what
they pay. (standard of police/fire/health departments etc.)

Also you have to look at weather the system is somewhat fair, and
honest. So that you do not pay more/less than another citizen with
same conditions (salary, deductions etc.)

You also want a system that does not try to not pay back taxes if you
have paid to much.*

*According to what i have heard - In the UK, you have to file a
request to get back income tax if you have paid to mutch. And you have
to send the request not to your local office, but to one depending on
what title/work you have got. And it can be a pain in the a* to find
out witch of the offices you "belong" to.

SEE YA !!!
Trygve Lillefosse
AKA - Malawi, The Fisher King

Posted by no spam on August 19, 2007, 1:16 am
Its the give aways that upset most people.  One example.  Once you are in
the system it is difficult to get out.  Say something happens and you cann't
work so you start getting $,000 a month from the government to help your
family.  Now when things get better and you try to help yourself by getting
a job that pays $00 per month.  The government stops paying the entire
$,000.  So a person is better off not working.  I have had people tell me
to my face that they could make more sitting at home than what I was going
to pay a new worker.

The only true fair system is a flat tax.  Everyone pays the same percentage
and no deductions.

Posted by no spam on August 16, 2007, 5:15 pm
Because competition within the system keeps it the best system in the world.
Our problem isn't a health care crisis as its a legal system crisis.  About
10 years ago I was talking to a friend who is an OBGY he told me he was
paying $50,000 per year just for malpractice insurance.  I hate to think of
what he's paying today.  When it seems everyone coming to the docs office is
being followed by a dozen lawyers a doc is going to order every test he can
think of to cover his butt if he's sued.

BTW, standard questions about Canadian health care.  How long does it take
to get joint (knee or hip) surgery?  How long for cataract surgery?   How
long is the wait for a non-emergency MRI?  CAT scan?  Why are so many
Canadians coming to the US and paying for health care?  Why does it seem a
lot of doctors would rather work in the US than Canada?

Posted by Jim on August 16, 2007, 3:35 pm

    I donate to the Red Cross. If I have something bad, they will tell me.
And it's free, and might save a life. You just have to have a strong stomach
to tolerate being asked if you engage in certain revolting sexual

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