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Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on June 6, 2009, 11:04 pm

Nope. My average annual backup is ~120kWh. Against my annual
production of a minimum of 4380kWh for an all-electric home, and
without even counting the solar thermal or discretionary production,
the backup is such a small percentage of the total that *you* won't
even try to name a single person, anywhere or anytime, who's done

Meanwhile, based on your own self-serving numbers, your deeeeeezine is
almost the exact reverse. It's like you're the Bizarro Wayne!

What you should have said is that "anybody can weasel", because that's
all you're doing here. What's the point of denying the undeniable, and
proving your bozo bona fides over and over?

No need to "wish", here it is again based on your own words from

solar 1.8%
propane burning 22.38%
gasoline burning 9.02%
wood burning 66.8%

I notice that you haven't tried to massage those numbers yet. What's
the holdup? Afraid the ghinius spreadsheet is going to blurt out some
more unintentional hilarity for the archives?

LOL   So now you're hanging your dunce cap on a writing error, eh, Mr.
Edatir? Your previous proclamation was: "the percentage of the energy
for my house produced by PV is 98.6%/year". In what dictionary does
"energy" translate to "electricity production"?  And what happened to
your other statement which said: "you see there is far more to ones
energy use than electricity"? I knew that was too sensible to have
come from you, someone must have hijacked your account that day.

Let's explore your latest theery that weasel accounting and lots of
fuel burning is just as good as genuine self-sufficiency...

Suppose someone said that they deezined a setup with one of those $0
PV panels, a D cell, an LED, and an engine-driven generator that they
used for everything else. And then they claimed that solar provided
100% of their home's energy needs. That would that be "totally
correct" on Planet Ghio, right, nitwit?  


attention googlebots: george ghio, Renegade writing (sic), bealiba

Posted by ghio on June 7, 2009, 12:41 am
On Jun 7, 9:04am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

You said:

I use a standard alternator pulley with a $0 notched automotive belt
for about 2kW. I expect that's about the limit considering the small
diameter of the driven pulley. It lives in a hot environment, and
tends to get glazed and cracked, so I replace it every couple years.
Perhaps 100hrs. A little misalignment and it would be half of that.

This says that you replace the belt every couple (2) years at about
100 hours. That makes 50 hours a year at 2kWs by your own statement,

2000W divided by 24(system voltage) = 83.33A

83.33A times 50 hours = 4166.5 Ahs

And your statement above claiming "~120kWh" is 5000Ah so it seems that
I was correct in my summation of your short fall.

No, a simple statement of fact, My current total energy use is 49568MJ/
year. This figure is for my total energy use including vehicle(s).

Incorrect and out of date, I monitor my energy use constantly.

Your attempts to "massage" my numbers to suit your fantasies is well

Sorry, no writing error, only pointing out that a statement made
without correct information is a farce. And you are correct, there is
far more to ones
energy use than electricity, which is why I monitor all my energy use
and can can provide the numbers for said use, unlike you who makes a
claim then waffles when it comes to the actual numbers required to
support the claim.

No, they would be just like you, unable to provide real and correct
numbers for their energy use.

Bye rimmer.

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on June 7, 2009, 2:31 pm

So what? It costs an average of about $ per month. How is that
supposed to make something wrong with a level of self-sufficiency
that's unmatched by anyone else you've ever heard of?  

You're not fooling anyone with the idiotic use of Ahs. Using the same
units the total is 186,666. But the percentage of self-sufficiency
remains the same, almost 98%.

As usual, you try to muddy the water by adding in vehicles. No matter,
it was easy to back them out as I did below.

And yet you haven't bothered to post this phantom update despite being
repeatedly invited to do so. Everybody reading this thread *knows*
that you probably spent days trying to change the facts by applying
your infamous ghinius BS math scils to the problem. But you ran into a
little issue, right, nitwit? Even if you halved all the other energy
sources, the solar portion would still be a measly 3.6%.

Then why did you write "the percentage of the energy for my house
produced by PV is 98.6%/year"?  It's either a writing error or a silly
lie. Either way, your own riteeng has advertised your helplessness yet

I'm in awe of your ability to deny the undeniable. It's the closest
thing you have to talent, and you should put it to better use. How
about this - next time you're buying propane or generator fuel, just
tell the vendor that your home is 98.6% solar powered and therefore
you shouldn't have to pay for any of the other fuel. Use the money you
save from that strategy to open a pet store like this guy's

My sympathies to your abused calculator.


attention googlebots: george ghio, Renegade writing (sic), bealiba
(includes fresh wisdumb)

Posted by ghio on June 8, 2009, 5:07 am
 On Jun 8, 12:31am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

Not trying to fool anyone. Your short fall is in Ah because it is a
battery issue when you need to replace it.

I posted it just above. Guess that makes you a liar, again.

I don't need to change any thing. The numbers are what they are.

I also wrote "Ah yes, but my statement has all the validity of your
claim of 97.4%.
Anybody can claim a percentage. The fact that you did so is the best
part of the argument because you have no idea what you produce or

Rimmer here has a problem. You see he wants to look like he knows what
he is talking about. He spouts all sorts of drivel to muddy the water.
One of these is his claiming results by percentages.  Now there is
nothing wrong with the concept, except, of course, he has no idea what
his system actually produces or, indeed, uses. His percentage is
worked out on the theoretical output capacity of his panels minus the
short fall made up by the use of an alternator for charging. In the
past he claimed that his system could produce upwards of 30kWhs/day
and that he could manage to use all of it. It is interesting to note
that his battery capacity is 1200Ahs. 30kWhrs is 1250Ahs @ 24V. He
also has claimed that he has two days autonomy, this means that he can
run his system for two days without input.
Now because Rimmer loves percentages we can say that if after two days
of no sun, a maximum total depth of discharge of 70%  and two days
autonomy, this leaves him 420Ahs for daily use.It also leaves him
830Ahs of over production with no place to store it. Rimmer claims to
have designed this system. He also claims to be able to use this
overproduction by running everything he can during daylight hours. He
then claimed that he has a short fall in his battery charging on the
order of 5000Ahs that is made up with his alternator charger. His over
production amounts to 302,950Ahs a year and he has to make up a short

Does anybody see a pattern here?

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on June 8, 2009, 4:58 pm

<continued silence from ghinius george ghio>

That's *all* you're trying to do. It's about all you *ever* do. The
fact is that you can't name anyone with a more self-sufficient home
than mine, and yet there isn't a single part of it that you haven't
invented fault with. You do exactly the same thing with *every* person
who's ever ridiculed your BS.

You just wrote that it's incorrect and out of date. Oh wait, now
you're talking about that useless and deliberately deceptive MJ
number, which translates to 37.7 kWh per day including vehicles,
versus 113.54kWh from just 18 months ago!
Based on your history of making things up as you go along, the smart
money says that you *did not* cut your energy use by anything close to
67%, but instead applied the mother of all pencil whippings to the
numbers. In fact, to get down to 37.7, you would have needed to wipe
out all of the vehicle LPG, plus most of the wood burning. That
accounting would be laughably transparent, which is why you can't post
it and must keep changing units and talking in circles instead.

No, as we've seen above, they're whatever your latest massaging and
misdirecting makes them into. But no matter how hard you work at that,
they can't help but demonstrate a miserable and embarrassingly small
percentage of solar energy that you're too cowardly to own up to in
plain English.  

Ah, so your theeery is that it's OK for you to lie, because you lie
about me lying! The problem with that is, nobody needs to take my word
for anything since they can just do the math themselves. 2kW of
tracked PV and 1kW of wind power on a good site. Solar water heating,
mostly solar space heating. No propane. Ground-source heat pumps. Very
little backup fuel. Now, some other places may have done better. But
no matter how anyone spins my setup, it will always be *the* most
self-sufficient off-grid home *you've* ever heard of.

That's pretty funny coming from you. Why do you never say how much
fuel your "solar powered" home uses? Instead you always provide
numbers with vehicles thrown in to supply (im)plausible deniability.
Plus you kept exaggerating until it became utterly impossible.

See for yourself:

"There is no spin. Average 20 Litres per week"

That was already hard to believe considering that it supposedly
included vehicle consumption. But then only 2 years later you took it
up a few notches with some blatant revisionist history:

"my petrol use is, as it has been for many years, an average of twenty
liters per fortnight. The bulk of this is for the motorcycle which is
used for transport to and from school (280 KM a week). The rest is
used to run the tractor, chainsaw and of course the generator"

If <snorf> that motorcycle got 67 mpg, there wouldn't be a drop of
fuel left for anything else. So why would anyone in their right mind
believe a word you say about fuel consumption?  

Wow, that's pretty impressive! About 20kWh per day average that I
don't even use! <bullhorn> NITWIT! Back slowly away from the

<Cloris Leachman imitation from Young Frankenstein> Yes, I, I, I have
a, a, A SHORTFALL! <sniffling> And I use a backup generator! <breaking
down into tears> It costs $ per month, and I only get 98% of my home
energy from sun and wind! I repent, I will get some propane tanks and
another generator like ghinius george!   Too funny.


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