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Why Purchase Earth4Energy Alternate Power Sources Guide?

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Posted by Brendan David on June 24, 2009, 7:43 am
Do you wish to learn how to use alternate power sources to run your
home? Due to the rapid increase in the average households' electric
power consumption and the decrease in natural resources supply, the
price of electricity has been rising rapidly. This has forced many
people to start looking for new sources of power. I have personally
learned how to create my own home energy using an online manual called
What Are The Alternate Power Sources That Can Be Harnessed Using The
Earth4Energy Guide?
1. Alternate Power Sources 1 - Wind
There are step by step instructions and diagrams that teach you how to
build windmills inside the Earth4Energy manual. It has allowed me to
power many appliances in my house and reduced the costs of my
electricity bills. The renewable power generated is also much cleaner
compared to oil and coal power sources.
The system that I built is able to store electrical power using
batteries. This is important, especially for people living in wind
remote areas. This homemade energy system can easily be supplemented
by the electricity obtained by the power company as the 2 systems can
be connected to work together.
2. Solar Alternate Power Sources
Another source of power that you can learn to harness is solar energy.
This method of generating electricity is particularly useful for
people living in areas with abundant sunshine.
To harness this energy, you will need to build solar cells. The
electrons inside the cells are forced to move when photons from the
sunlight move these electrons in a higher state of energy.

Posted by vaughn on June 24, 2009, 12:08 pm

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