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Why do I believe in the E-Cat? - Page 3

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Posted by amdx on January 24, 2012, 3:55 pm
On 1/24/2012 9:20 AM, sno wrote:

   Hi sno,
  I'm with you (hopein and a prayin). There is just so much information
out, yet nothing that proves it works. I fully understand Rossi's stance
if he knows it works, he doesn't need to prove it, just get it on the
market. He will be known as the most famous inventor of all time. If it
doesn't work he will be the most disgraced. I find it hard to believe
Rossi could look at anyone and keep pushing this idea if it didn't work.

  A couple of disappointments;
The 1 MW unit has not been delivered, as of 1-12-12.

"Interestingly enough at his blog, Rossi admitted that the 1MW ecat he
said he sold to an unnamed buyer in October has not been shipped yet. It
is apparently still at his facility in Bologna where he is still
conducting tests on it with devices he ordered from National Instruments
in the United States."

 From http://energycatalyzer3.com/news/more-revelations-from-andrea-rossi

   I hear nothing about a production plant in Florida.
How could that be kept secret.
  I'm with you (hopein and a prayin).

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