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Windmill vs wind geniie and electric pump

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Posted by aasberry on June 12, 2009, 6:35 pm
I'm new here but Wayne and I have had discussions on other groups.
I've looked over his website many times.

I wonder why you didn't install a windmill for your well? You have
water storage up the hill for those times of calm. If there was a
reason, I'm missing it.


Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on June 12, 2009, 11:16 pm
On Fri, 12 Jun 2009 13:35:33 -0500, aasberry@aol.com wrote:

If you're talking about the old-fashioned cylinder-type windmill
(Aeromotor), they're a niche, high-maintenance solution. I have
friends in both the drilling and pump business, so I get to hear about
and occasionally work on a lot of water wells. I haven't heard of a
single new Aeormotor being installed in my area during the last 14
years. One rancher did ask me about supplementing a new solar
installation with an Aeromotor, but as soon as he compared the cost
and benefits to adding more PV and/or a second solar pump and/or
increased storage, he dropped the idea. Another rancher I know with
dozens of wells, still has a few Aeormotors in use, but he's working
at replacing them all with solar setups as finances allow.

There's also a wind-driven air-compressor type water pump (Bowjon).
They're cheaper and have some advantages, but IIRC they can't pump
from very deep, and the "bubbler" needs substantial submergence.
Wouldn't work at all in my application with as much as ~300' head and
as little as zero submergence.

Water pumping at my place is only a small percentage of daily
consumption. Even though a conventional submersible isn't very
efficient, for the relatively small amount of water we pump it's the
most cost-effective solution. When and if the current pump fails, I
might spring for a Grundfos SQ Flex. It would cost a premium of about
$200, but would save ~300Wh per day, and even more during periods
when we're watering cattle. As it is, we have our pump on a timer so
that it runs at noon, and we usually switch if off on cloudy days.
That way its power rarely makes a trip through the batteries. Water is
pumped up to a buried tank that's >100' higher elevation than the
house, so we have nice pressure and can go for about a week without
running the pump at all. The usual downside for a pump like ours at an
off-grid place is that it might require a large inverter than
otherwise desired. But we already needed large inverter capacity for
several other larger loads. Another upside to that is that there's
almost no chance of having a problem with simultaneous loads. The
closest we come is when using the plasma cutter and forgetting to shut
off the air compressor beforehand. Even then, all that happens is that
when the compressor starts unexpectedly in the middle of cutting, the
plasma cutter faults off temporarily. When that happens, usually I
just pause cutting until the compressor finishes. But every once in a
while I'll restart the cut while the compressor is still running, and
it hasn't tripped the inverters yet.

Point of reference in case it interests anyone - a friend expanded his
solar setup to minimize his use of propane and generator. He added a
transformer to a single Outback inverter, and it powers his 230V 1.5hp
conventional submersible perfectly. Now, instead of needing to run his
generator once a day to pump the well, the power comes from his PV.
The improvements also allowed him to switch to an electric fridge. I
swear though, the part that made him happiest was being able to use a
regular toaster after 3 years of doing-without.  :-)


Posted by ghio on June 13, 2009, 1:21 pm
 On Jun 13, 9:16am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

Truth, wayne, AKA Rimmer has told several lies in this post. Most of
them stemming from the fact that he has proven time and again that he
did not design his system. He has already conceded that he has a
300,000Ah+  over production and a 5000Ah short fall per year, his
claim is that this is normal. None of his above figures can be taken
seriously. He cannot provide any coherent number for his system.
Beware, Rimmer is a fraud who despite claims of having designed his
system and having built his house has yet to provide any compelling
reason to be believed.

A point in case is the last paragraph in which he claims that adding a
transformer some how has added input and storage capacity to a system.

Posted by z on June 14, 2009, 2:58 am
 you guys rule

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on June 16, 2009, 3:05 pm

LOL  Another one for the wisdumb page. Same old same-old.

"Who would hire this PV nitwit?"  Nick Pine, 1999

Yes, just not for the reason your muddled 12V pea-brain imagined. The
inverter was too small because it couldn't power some single loads
like a small MIG welder or a small room AC unit. It was too small
because it couldn't power a combination of loads that normal people
have, and small-setup off-gridders would like to have. It was too
small because it required daily running of a generator to power a 1kWh
per day load. In plain English, it was too small for his needs, or the
needs of most any home with owners desiring something approaching a
normal lifestyle.

Oh please. You haven't been burning all that fuel for decades for the
fun of it. You're a pensioner whose pigheadedness will always prevent
you from getting ahead.

... you'd use your backup so that there wouldn't be any rush for
repairs.  <snorf>

Normal people make such decisions based on value, features,
performance, reliability, and warranty. Turn-around time for repairs
is way down the list, and shipping time is barely worth considering
because even cross-country overnight shipping is affordable in an
emergency. You're a quack for tossing all those considerations out in
favor of narrow-minded (lack of) thinking.

Here's a search for Outback inverters in Oz http://tinyurl.com/l4otpb
And here's one for Selectronic in the USA http://tinyurl.com/lzygyp

Notice any difference that a normally intelligent person would take
some meaning from? Of course you don't.


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