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World list of battery manufacturers

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Posted by N9WOS on January 27, 2007, 12:40 am

I did a lot of work tallying up this list, so I might as well post it
Someone may find use out of it.

Here is a root list of rechargeable battery producers throughout the world
I grouped all the manufacturers by country from this list.

No matter what brand of battery you buy, it came from one of these
Lots of good information.

Herbo Baterias, (AR) "mailto:baterias@herbo.com.ar"

Energia Integral Andina S.A., (Argentina) +571-623-0188 or
Pradema S.A., (Argentia) +54-11-4208-7100

Apollo, (Australia) "http://www.apollobatteries.com.au/"
Battery Energy South Pacific, (Australia) +61-2-9681-3633 or
Batterymaster, (Australia) +61-3-9563-8460

Banner GmbH, (Austria) +43-732-3888-0 or "http://www.bannerbatterien.com/"
Bären Batterie GmbH, (Austria) +43 4228-2036-0 or
Elbak Batteriewerke Gmbh , (Austria) +43-316-29-1593-0
OFA-Akkumulatoren GmbH, (Austria) +43-222-86-7611
Triumph Akkumulatorenfabrik GmbH, (Austria) +43-222-86-12-22

Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited, (Bangladesh) +880-2-911-3696 or
TechnoLink International, (Bangladesh) +880-2-9351548

Daniel Doyen Battery, (Belgium) +32-2-340-2611
VABO NV, (Belgium) +32-13-531-849 or "http://www.vabo.be"

BATEBOL Ltda., (Bolivia) +591-3-346-1370

Enerbrax Acumuladores LTDA, (Brasil) +55-14-3281-6000,
"http://www.enerbrax.com.br/"  or "http://www.bateriasroute.com.br/"

All Power Battery, (Canada) +1-604-888-3824 or "http://www.battery2000.com"
Powsys Tecnology International, (Canada) +1-604-4383616 or
Sanford Battery, (Canada) +1-905-544-4220 or
Surrette Battery Co. , (Canada) +1-902-597-3765, 1-800-681-9914 or
United Marketing And Tradehouse, (Canada) +1-416-520-5996

Advanced Battery Factory [Sino-America Joint Venture], (China)
+86-755-28069247, +86-133-5290-6882 or +86-755-28069247
Anaska Battery Technology, (China) +86-755-26278051
B&T Battery Wuhan Co., (China) +86-27-8571-2356
Baoding Jin Fengfan Storage Battery Co., (China) +86-312-322-6691
CCB Industrial Battery, (China) +86-755-2297502, (US) +1-480-563-9275 or
ChangGuang Battery [CGB], (China) +86-27-8489-3121 or
Changsha Fengri Electric Group Co., Ltd. Fengri, (China) +86-731-3281165 or
Chengxin Electrical Source Co, (China) +86-574-62057498
China Ebikes Ltd., (China) +86-10-8491-3927
China Hyper Power Battery Branch, (ShenZhen) Ltd., (China) +86-755-8326-8545
or "http://www.hyperbattery.com/"
China National Aero-Technology Imp & Exp Hangzhou Corp., (China)
China North Industries Co., (China) +86-755-83664099 or
Coopower Battery Industrial Co. [VRLA], (China) +86-755-28079816 or
Coslight, (China) "http://www.coslight.com.cn/"
DiMec, (China) "http://www.diamec.com/"
Extrapower Battery Co., (China) +86-20-8662-6510
Fengge Storage Battery, (China) +86-760-2128109, +86-760-6955588,
"http://www.fengge.com.cn/"  or "http://www.feng-li.com/"
F.G Storage Battery Co., (China) +86-763-386-5315
First Power Technologies, (China) +86-755-83021906 or
FoRway Battery Co., (China) +86-757-398-2666 or
Foshan Bright Battery Co., (China)
Foshan Haitong Power Supply Equipment Co. [formally the Foshan Konny Power
Supply Center], (China) +86-757-296-0448 or "http://www.konnybattery.com"
Fuli Battery Manufacture Co., (China) +86-755-84827220 or
Fuan City Gexin Storage Battery Co., (China) +86-593-656-4099
Fujian Jianyang Yaheng Storage Battery Co., (China) +86-599-555-3215
FullRiver Battery Manufacturing [VRLA], (China) "http://www.fullriver.com/"
Green Power Battery Co., (China) +86-755-2557-1600
Guangdong Zeliang Storage Battery, (China) +86-0763-3682299 or
Guangzhou Battery Factory, (China) "http://www.allproducts.com/prc/battery/"
Guang Zhou Gangyun Super Energy Battery Co., (China) +86-20-8491-2018 or
Hangzhou Huitong Industry Co., Ltd., (China) +86-571-88314025 or
Henda Power Industrial, (China) +86-20-8484-2517 or
Hengji Power Supply, (Guangzhou) Co., (China) +86-20-3485-0325
Hua Wei Power Supply Co., (China) +86-592-555-8101
Hua Yang Battery, (China) 86-514-7811689
Huanyu Power Source Co., (China) +86-755-8384-9630 or
Hubei Camel Storage Battery, (China) "http://www.chinacamel.com/"
Hypercell Power Sources Technology Co. Ltd., (China) +86-755-83781221 or
Jackyl Power Supply Co., (China) +86-765-226-7678 or
Jingou Electronics Co., (China) +86-20-8669-7601
Kincell Battery Mfg., (China) +86-20-8662-6510
KingSun Trading Co., (China) +86-575-5226610 or
LK Battery Co., (China) +86-755-463-0778
McNair Technology Co, (China) +86-769-319-7555 or
Mingzhi Battery Manufacturing Co., (China) +86-755-8345-3466
Minhua Battery Co, (China) +39-045-613-2132 or "http://www.chinaminhua.com/"
Ningbo BaoWang Battery Co., (China) +86-21-5424-9200 or
Ningbo Chengxin Electrical Source Co., (China) +86-574-6205-7498
Ningbo Donghai Storage Battery Co., (China) +86-0574-8849-9907 or
Ningbo Shengyang Power Supply and Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., (China)
+86-574-62062288 or "http://www.sy-power.com/"
Ningbo Sunbright Battery Co., (China) please see Sunbright Battery
Ningde Guanyu Power Supply Co., (China) +86-593-2971198 or
OS Battery Co., (China) +86-512-5818-5300
Power Kingdom Co., (China) Please see Shenzhen Power Kingdom
Powerson Power Supply, (China)
Powerstar Battery Co., (China) +86-757-398-2666
Quanzhou Shamas Battery Co., (China) +86-595-291-7872
Qingdao Chemetals Industries Co., Ltd., (China) +86-532-6069888 or
Resource Battery Co., (China) +65-6447-9858 or
Sansa Power Source Co., (China) +86-755-2632-8142
Sansan Industrial Corp, (China) +86-755-2632-8142 or
Shaanxi Lingyum Electronic Appliance, (China) Lingyum
Shenzhen Center Power Tech. Co., (China) +86-755-8343-5348 or
Shenzhen Chiway Battery Co. [Chiway], (China) +86-755-8993-0038 or
Shenzhen Hengkang Industrial Co., (China) +86-755-8326-6774
Shenzhen Hyper Battery Co., (China) +86-755-2737-1381 or
Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co., (China) +86-755-83438455 or
Shenzhen Leoch Battery Technology Co., , (China) +86-755-2606-7200 or
Shenzhen Plante Power Co., Ltd [IBT], (China) +86-755-27996962 or
Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co. [SPK], (China) +86-755-8212-9598 or
Shenzhen Ritar Power Co., (China) +86-755-8347-5380 or
Shenzhen Sansan Industrial Corp, (China) +86-755-2632-8142 or
Shenzhen Shamas Battery Co., (China) +86-755-2652-8022 or
Shenzhen Stand Power Industrial Co., (China) +86-755-8366-1090 or
Shenzhen Sunnyway Battery Tech Co., (China) +86-755-8463-0339 or
Shenzhen Sway Battery Co., (China) +86-0755-8237947 or
Shenzhen Topway Solar Co., (China) +86-755-649-0200
Shenzhen Xin Haowei Industrial Co., (China) +86-755-693-8039
Shi Shi(H.K) AoTe Battery Co., (China) +86-595-888-1772
Shimastu Electronic Technology Co., (China) +86-0760-313-3619
Shishi Aote Battery, (China) +86-595-8881772 or "http://www.wante.com/"
Shuangdeng Power Source Ltd., (China) +86-25-328-1500 or
Shunde Daotian Battery Manufacturing Co, (China) +86-757-2533-3827 or
Sichuan Changhong Battery Co., Ltd., (China) +86 816 2862408 or
Sunbright Battery Co., (China) +86-574-6555-2907, "http://www.baowang.com"
Sunox Power Industrial Co., (China) +86-755-8231-2386,
"http://www.sunoxpower.com/"  or "http://sunox.en.alibaba.com/"
Sunstar Technologies, (China) +86-20-8486-3800
Tianjin Lantian High-Tech Power Sources, (China) +86-22-23959290 or
Unitech Battery Co., (China) +86-755-2850-9555 or
Wuhan ChangGuang Battery Co., [VRLA], (China) +86-27-8489-1323,
"http://www.cgbbattery.com"  or "http://www.cgb.com.cn"
Wuhan Intepower Co., (China) +86-27-8422-0483 or
Wuhan Shenmao Corp., (China) +86-27-8571-2260
Xiamen Three Circles ERC Battery Co. [Ni-Zn], (China) +86-592-565-5453
Xiangshan Storage Battery Factory, (China) +86-574-6564-0392 or
Yucell Industry Limited [Poweroad], (China) + 86-592-5558101 or
Zhejiang Narada Power Source Corp., (China) +86-571-8512-3388 or
Zhongshan Baoli Storage Battery Co., Ltd., (China) +86-760-8508200 or
ZhongShan City HangTian Powersupply, (China) +86-20-82570455 or
Zhongshan Fengge Battery Co., Ltd., (China) please see Fengge Storage
Zhongshan Rely Battery Co., (China) +86-760-831-0869
Zhongshan Xianke Battery Co., (China) +86-760-235-8898

Panos Englezos, (Cyprus) +357-22-489-489 or


Exact Co. For Battery Production, (Egypt) +202-704-0295

Saft, (France) +33-1-49-931795 or "http://www.saftbatteries.com/"
FEMSA, (France & Spain)

Air Therm Solartechnik, (Germany) +49-5305-930-206 or
BAE-Berliner Batterie GmbH, (Germany) +49-30-530-01-402 or
Bosch, (Germany) +49-721-942-23-18 or "http://www.bosch.de/"
Hoppecke Batterien GmbH & Co. KG, (Germany) [Motive & Standby], +49-2963-610
or "http://www.hoppecke.de/"
Moll Batterien, (Germany) +49-9573-9622-0 or "http://www.moll-batterien.de/"
Varta AG, (Germany) +49-511-7903-823 or "http://www.varta.com/"

Germanos SA, (Greece) +30 210 62 42 000 or "http://www.germanos.gr"

Hong Kong
EBI Power Technology Co., (Hong Kong) +852-2115-4119
Gaston Battery Industrial Ltd., (Hong Kong) +852-2447-7507 or
Hi-Watt Battery Industry Company, (Hong Kong) +852-2348-0111 or
IBT Technologies [SLA], (Hong Kong) +852-3111-0106 or
Kader Industrial Co., (Hong Kong) +852-2798-1688, (UK) +44-1455-841-721 or
Minamoto Battery Limited , (Hong Kong) +852-2793-4790 or
Qualitec International, (Hong Kong) +852-2357-4268 or
Remco, (Hong Kong) +852-2555-1394 or "http://www.remco.com.hk/"
Sinter Battery Industrial Ltd., (Hong Kong) +852-2751-6088
Super Tech Battery Co., (Hong Kong) +852-24692380
Tin Kam Company Ltd. NIKIN [JV with Golden Sky Battery Co.], (Hong Kong)
+852-24961002 or "http://tinkam.ebigchina.com/sdp/67217/4/main.html"
Topin, (Hong Kong) +852-21426388

Perion Battery, (Hungary) +36-1-350-08-11

Amco Batteries Limited, (India) +91-80-227-5597
Anuradha Traders [Luxmi], (India) +91-40-23227024
Bindal Batteries, (India) +91-33-55304
BUI Private Limited, (India) +91-020-565-7229
Caldyne Automatics Limited, (India) +91-11-91-332-357-5851
Carvan Batteries, (India) +91-22-873-3623
Celtek Batteries, (India) +91-080-836-1089
Empire Battery Industries, (India) +91-22-834-5450
Excel Battery Ind., (India) +91-022-877-0722
Exide Industries Ltd. [Chloride Electrical Storage Co. (CESCO)], (India)
+91-033-22832136 or "http://www.exideindustries.com/"
Fancy Electro-Metal Products, (India) +91-806747231
Industrial Power Solutions, (India) +91-124-633-5291
K. V. International [Batcure], (India) +91-79-23232070 or
Powerplus Electric Company, (India) +91-80-674-7231 or
Prince Enterprises, (India) +91-40-473-0001
Sahni Sindron Batteries, (India) +91-9810005353
Saisakthi Electronic, (India) +91-80-658-8251
Shalaka Accumulator Industries, (India) +91-24-252-7937
Sparco Batteries, (India) +91-11-514-3658 or
Speedy Marketing Company Limited, (India) +91 20 7472892
Sunnyway Power Co., (India), +91-11-20050187 or
Swasthi Batteries, (India) +91-80-346-8314
Urja Powercums Inc, (India) +91-022-8770722

P.T. GS Battery Inc., (Indonesia) +62-21-651-8979 or
P.T. Indobatt Industry Permai, (Indonesia) +62-31-788-1982 or
PT Nipress TBK, (Indonesia) +62-21-823-0968 or "http://www.nipress.com/"

Nirugostaran, (Iran) +98-511-844-1122

Vulcan Batteries, (Israel) +972-8-859-6661 or "http://www.vulcanbat.com"

FAAM spa, (Italy) +39-0734-2581 or "http://www.faam.com/"
FIAMM SpA, (Italy) +39-0444-709721, "http://www.fiamm.com/" , (US)
+1-678-746-5645, or "http://www.fiammamerica.com/"
International Battery Company [IBC], (Italy) +39-011-3851-612 or
Midac S.p.A., (Italy) +39-045-613-2132 or "http://www.midacbatteries.com/"
REDOX srl, (Italy) +39-0444-351-230
SEACC Accumulatori s.r.l. [AP Batterie], (Italy) +39-0444-492300 or

Tropical, (Jamaica) +876-923-6231-3 or "http://www.tropicalbattery.com/"

Furukawa Battery Co. [FB], (Japan) +81-45-336-5088 or
GS Yuasa Corp (merger of Yuasa Corp and Japan Storage Battery Co.), (Japan)
81-3-5402-5800 or "http://www.gs-yuasa.com/"
Panasonic, (Japan)
Sanyo, (Japan) "http://www.sanyobatteries.net/"
Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., (Japan) +81-3-5695-6112 or

Trimitra Baterai Praskasa, (Jarkata) +62-21-4403066 or

Korea Motors Corp, (Korea) "http://www.koreamotors.com/"
Korea Storage Battery [KSB], (Korea) 042-620-4247 or "http://www.ksb.co.kr/"
Seabang Global Battery, (Korea) +82-2-3451-6201 or "http://www.gybc.co.kr/"

Kuala Lumpur
Watta Battery Industries Sdn. Bhd., (Kuala Lumpur) 60-3-2144-2929 or

Accumalux S.A., (Luxembourg) +352-367-062 or "http://www.accumalux.com/"

Federal Batteries SDN BHD, (Malaysia) +603-689-8828 or
Meier-Tech Sdn Bhd, (Malaysia) +603-5636-7030
Tai Kwong-Yokohama Battery Industries Sdn Bhd, (Malaysia) +603-8723-3327,
"http://www.malaysiabattery.com/" , or "http://www.tkyoko.com"

Centurion Akku b.v., (Netherlands) +31-77-3511741 or

New Zealand
PowerBeat, (New Zealand) "http://powerbeat.com/"

Reem, (Oman)

Grace Accumlators, (Pakistan) +92-21-5055703

Fabrica Nacional de Acumuladores, (Peru) "http://www.bateriasetna.com"

Oriental and Motolite, (Philippines) +63-2-373-1234 or
Outlast, (Philippines) +63-2-455-2065 or "http://www.outlastbattery.com/"
People's International Enterprises Company, (Philippines) +63-2-722-2636

Zap Sznajder Batterien S.A., (Poland) +86-571-8512-3388 or

Acumulatorul Bistrita, (Romania) please see S.C. Rombat SA
S.C. Rombat SA [formally ACUMULATORUL BISTRITA], (Romanina) +40-263-234011
or "http://www.rombatt.ro/"

Aktex, (Russia) +7-3952-5634-34 or "http://www.aktex.ru"
Energia, (Russia) +3592-9586080 "http://www.energia.8k.com/"

Saudi Arabia
National Battery Industries, (Pvt.) Ltd., (Saudi Arabia) 92-42-760-4441

Chloride Batteries SE Asia CBSEA, (Singapore) +65-265-2444
"http://www.cbsea.com.sg/"  or please see Exide
SUNDA Singapore Corporation Pte Ltd, (Singapore) +65-63626949

TAB d.d., (Slovenia) +386-2-870-2329
Tovarna akumulatorskih baterij d.d. [TAB], (Slovenia) +386-2-8702-300

South Africa
Baterias Lux S.A., (South Africa) +593-4-220-4000
Dixon Batteries, (South Africa) +27-16-455-1800 or
First National Battery, (South Africa) +27-11-741-3600 or
Freestart Battery cc, (South Africa) +27-031-705-6050
Sabat Battery Co., (South Africa) please see Power Technologies Ltd.
Willard, (South Africa) +27-11-974-1256 or "http://www.willard.co.za/"

South Korea
Palma World Co., (South Korea) +822-3452-9831
Solite, (South Korea) "http://www.solite.co.kr/"
YNC Batteries, (South Korea) +82-2-862-5287

Sri Lanka
Associated Batteries Manufacturers (Ceylon) Limited (Sri Lanka)
Shelhiru Enterprises, (Srilanka) +94-7440-3694

Alcad [Ni-Cad], (Sweden) +46-491-68100 or "http://www.alcad.com/"
EuroGlobe, (Sweden) "http://www.euroglobe.org/"

Fortis Batteries, (Switzerland) +870-80-60 or "http://www.avbbatterie.ch/"
Leclanché S.A., (Switzerland) +41-24-447-22-28 or "http://www.leclanche.ch/"
Oerlikon Industrie-Batterien AG, (Switzerland) +41-32-843-4585 or
Säntis J. Göldi AG, (Switzerland) +41-71-766-1212

Chang Nan Battery [CNB], (Taiwan) +886-4-732-1225 or
CSB Battery, (Taiwan) +886-2-8751-5000, "http://www.csb-battery.com.tw/" ,
(US) +1-817-244-7777, 1-800-327-2872 or "http://www.csb-battery.com/"
Everpower Technology, (Tiawan)
Hamko Battery Co., (Taiwan) +880-41-761-607 or "http://www.hamko.com/"
Koyo Battery Co. [Motorcycle], (Taiwan) +886-4-7977311 or
Kung Long Batteries Industrial Co., (Taiwan) "http://www.klb.com.tw/"

JTM Sunny Battery Co., (Thailand) "mailto:jtmsunny@asiansources.com"
Siam Battery Industry Co., (Thialand) +66-2-280-0202-17

Tianjin Tong Yee Industrial Co., Ltd. [Tongyee], please see Japan Storage

Anlar Akumulator San VE TIC A S, (Turkey) +90-342-235-1160
Cengiz Topel Cad. [Ugur] (Cetiner Foreign Trade), (Turkey) +90-26-2335-3744
Mutlu Aku Ve Malzemeleri San A.S., (Turkey) +90-216-304-1829 or
Start Akü, (Turkey) +90-216-307-5021 or "http://www.startaku.com.tr"
YIGIT Battery Corporation, (Turkey) + 90-312-267-02-80 or

Batec Limited, (UK) +44-1923-218886
CBS Industrial Batteries [Flat Plate Traction Deep Cycle], (UK)
Delta UK Ltd., (UK) +44-1773-604-231
Dynamic Batteries, (UK)
Elecsol, (UK) +44-163298, 0-163298 or "http://www.elecsol.com/"
Honeywell, (UK) +44-1635-281-450 or "http://www.honeywellbatteries.com"
Norco, (UK) +44-01224-729221 or "http://www.norco-batteries.co.uk/"
PB Industrial [Flat Traction Deep Cycle], (UK) +44-1773-604231
SEC Industrial Battery, (UK) +44-1895-431-543 or
Shepherd Batteries, (UK) +44-161-834-8589 or
SPG, (Gaston Batteries) Ltd, (UK) +44-1932-336-025
Tungstone Batteries Limited, (UK) +44-1858-410-900
Uniross Batteries, (UK) +44-1275-858-101 or

National Accumulator Corporation, (Ukraine) +380-562-354-015 or
Scientific Industrial Corporation ISTA, (Ukraine) +380-56-237-2167

ABS Alaskan Inc., (US) +1-907-451-7145
Alaska Battery Manufacturing, (US) +1-907-562-4949, 1-800-235-0689 or
Antique Auto [Antique], (US) +1-330-425-2395, 1-800-426-7580,
Asisco Classic Car [Antique], (US) +1-908-352-7222 or
Atlantic Battery Corp., (US) +1-617-924-2868
Battery Builders Inc. [Fork Lift], (US) +1-630-851-5800 or
Battery Specialties, (US) +1-714-755-0888 or 1-800-854-5759
Best Battery LLC, (US) +1-847-854-7611 or "http://www.bestbattery.com/"
Bolder Technologies, (US) +1-303-215-7272
Bulldog Battery [Motive Deep Cycle], (US) +1-219-563-0551, 1-800-443-3492 or
C&D Technologies inc., (US) +1-215-619-2700, 1-800-543-8630 or
Cell-Con Inc., (US) 1-800-771-7139
COBASYS LLC (formally Texaco Ovonic Battery Systems LLC), (US)
+1-248-620-5700 or "http://www.cobasys.com"
Commercial Battery, (US) +1-619-661-0380
Concorde, (US) +1-626-813-1234 or "http://www.concordebattery.com/"
Continental Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-214-631-5701, 1-800-442-0081 or
Crown Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-419-334-7181,
"http://www.crownbattery.com/" , or, (Canada) +1-905-850-8753
Douglas Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-336-650-7000, 1-800-DOUGLAS or
Dyno Battery, (US) +1-206-283-7450 or "http://www.dynobattery.com/"
Eagle-Picher Technologies, (US) +1-417-776-2256, +1-417-623-8000 or
East Penn Mfg. Co. Deka, (US) +1-610-682-6361 or
EBCO Battery Co., (US) +1-706-563-8888
Electrochem Lithium [formally Battery Engineering], (US) +1-716-759-5395
Energy Technologies, (US) +1-419-522-4444
EnerSys, (US) +1-610-208-1991, 1-800-634-6522 or
Energy Technologies, Inc., (US) +1-419-522-4444
Evercel, (US) +1-781-741-8800, 1-877-EVERCEL or "http://www.evercel.com/"
Exide [formally Electric Storage Battery Company, (EBS)], (US)
+1-609-627-7200, +1-609-512-3000, 1-800-START-IT (1-800-782-7848) or
Firefly Energy Inc., (US) +1-309-690-7500 or "http://www.fireflyenergy.com/"
Global Control Systems, (US) +1-732-512-0358
GP, (US) 800-268-3416 or "http://www.gpbatteries.com/"
Horizon Batteries, Inc. [formally Electrosource], (US) +1-515-753-6500
IBE, (US) +1-818-767-7067 or "http://www.ibe-inc.com/"
Illinois Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-773-478-2441
Imarflex Battery Mfg. Corp., (US) +1-632-833-5124
Innergy Power Corp,, (US) +1-831-439-5100, 1-888-737-7697 or
John Deere, (US) +1-866-993-3373 or
Johnson Controls Inc. [JCI], (US) +1-414-524-2434, 1-888-867-8462 or
"http://www.jci.com/bg/"  or "http://www.autobatteries.com/"
Keystone, (US) +1-781-729-8333 or "http://www.keystonebattery.com/"
Laor Industrial Batteries, (US) +1-972-4-657-1374
Marathon Power Technologies [Aircraft Ni-Cad],(US) +1-254-776-0650 or
Millennium Battery Co., (US) 305-889-1923
Mixon Inc., (US) +1-651-646-2707
Mule Emergency Lighting, Inc., (US) 1-800-556-7690
New Castle Battery Mfg. Co,, (US) +1-724-658-5501 or 1-800-562-8600
NorthStar Battery Company [NSB], (US) +1-417-757-8200 or
Pietro Standby Power, Inc., (US) +1-702-240-3609
Portable Energy Products, (US) +1-831-439-5100
Power Battery, (US) +1-973-523-8630, "http://www.powerbattery.com/"  or
Power-Cell [Zeus], (US) +1-815-222-8908, 1-877-469-4255,
Power Resources, (US) +1-401-539-8699 or 1-888-768-7655
Powersafe Standby Batteries, (US) +1-203-777-0037
Power-Sonic, (US) +1-650-364-5001, "http://www.power-sonic.com/"  or, (UK)
Power Technology Inc., (US) +1-713-621-4310 or "http://www.pwtcbattery.com/"
Power-Troll, (US) 1-888-76-TROLL or "http://www.powertroll.net/"
Powersafe Standby Batteries Inc., (US) +1-203-777-0037
Ramcar Batteries, Inc., (US) +1-323-726-1212 or "http://www.ramcarusa.com/"
Service Battery Corp, (US) "http://www.batteryservice.com/"
Spyke, (US) +1-562-869-9333 or "http://www.spyke1.com"
Staab Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-217-528-0421, 1-800-252-8625
State Battery Co.(US) +1-401-861-2877, 1-800-336-4303
Storage Battery Systems, (US) 1-800-554-2343 or "http://www.sbsbattery.com/"
Superior Battery Mfg. Co, (US) +1-270-866-6056. 1-800-322-6056 or
Tamarac International, (US) +1-305-594-6652 or "http://www.upsmp.com/"
Teledyne Continental Motors, (US) +1-909-793-3131 or
Thermodymanics Reactor, (US) +1-910-895-7717
Texford Battery Co., (US) +1-713-222-0125
ThermOil, (US) 1-800-221-5351 or "http://www.thermoilbatteries.com/"
Trojan Battery Co., (US) +1-562-946-8381, 1-800-423-6569 or
Boa Tong USA, (US) +1-826-829-5962, 1-877-897-6648 or
U.S. Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-909-371-8090, 1-800-695-0945 or
Valance Technology, (US) 1-888-VALENCE or "http://www.valence.com/"
Vertex Racing Batteries, (US) "http://www.taylorvertex.com"
Voltmaster Corp., (US) +1-641-872-2044

Duncan, (Venezuela) +58-212-257-8022 or "http://www.duncan.com.ve/"

The top countries, based on manufactures is
Hong Kong

Yes, there is second tier manufactures (Manufactures own by manufactures)
that I didn't list. Some of them are located in the same country that owns
them, some are not. But I didn't want to waste the time.

It doesn't look like the list of the names you see in the stores, but the
ones in the stores are made by the pre stated manufactures, and just labeled
under the privet labels before they are sold.

 Google groups, and other places will probably delete this post, because
they think it's Spam, with all the links in it.
Oww well........

Posted by unknown on January 27, 2007, 10:02 am

That is a hell of a list !  Let me be the first to says thanks for posting
it ,
Jon -

Posted by philo on January 27, 2007, 11:25 pm

An excellent compilation.

Just one *tiny* comment...

(BTW: I've been in the industrial battery business for 32 years)

Even though Enersys purchased the Exide battery and charger line...

Since the Exide brand name still exists (seperately)...Enersys can no longer
use the name "Exide".

As of just recently...Enersys must now call it's Exide Ironclad batteries
and chargers...simply   "Ironclad".

The story is long and complicated but it's almost like saying that General
Motors now produces Fords

and Ford now makes Chrysler's!

Over the years I have either worked for (or with) Chloride, Exide, Yuasa and
Though the companies I have worked for have been bought out time and
In those 32 years I have not actually changed jobs! The jobs have changed
beneath my feet, so to speak!

Posted by Nic on March 11, 2007, 3:24 pm

I didn't see Interstate Batteries here... why not.


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