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adding batteries

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Posted by Douglas Gaulin on February 18, 2004, 3:48 pm
Last year I put together a small starter solar package for my summer
cottage.  I originally started with four T-105 batteries.  I am considering
purchasing two more T-105's to add to the system, but was told that adding
new batteries to an existing bank is not good.  Is this true and is there
anyway around it?


Posted by Bob Adkins on February 18, 2004, 10:00 pm
On 18 Feb 2004 07:48:19 -0800, dgaulin@adelphia.net (Douglas Gaulin) wrote:

Do it. The old batteries will not affect the new ones and the new ones will
not affect the old ones.

Anyway, only 1 year difference is practically nothing. The difference in new
and 1 year old batteries will probably be no more than differences from
battery to battery among a group of new ones. Hey, they're just "broken in"
is all. :)


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