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another 110 mpg magic engine? For real maybe

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Posted by z on June 5, 2009, 6:12 pm
Wauseon plant to open Monday for 110-mpg car engines
Doug Pelmear says his engine more than quadruples the efficiency of the
average car engine.
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WAUSEON - The man who drove his 20-year-old Mustang from Napoleon, Ohio,
to Las Vegas and back last year on 39 gallons of fuel will open his first
manufacturing facility Monday to allow others to get 110 miles per

Doug Pelmear, owner of Horse Power Sales.net Inc. and Hp2G LLC, will hold
an open house Monday morning in the idle 100,000-square-foot factory he
has leased in Wauseon to begin manufacturing his revolutionary engine.

The factory, on the Fulton Industries Inc. campus in Wauseon, will be
tooled to initially turn out 20 of Mr. Pelmear's custom engines per day
with one shift of 25 workers.

A Decatur, Ind., specialty car company, Revenge Designs Inc., has
contracted with Mr. Pelmear to purchase 2,000 engines for use in a new
vehicle it plans to unveil at the end of this year at the Los Angeles
International Auto Show. The vehicle is to be called the Revenge Verde
Super Car, which will use Mr. Pelmear's 400-horsepower engine and its 500
foot-pounds of torque to travel up to 200 mph and get 110 mpg - though
admittedly not at the same time.

"The engine is going to be a really great partnership with the car,"
explained Emily Levault, a spokesman for Revenge Design. "The idea behind
this was to give people what they want while putting people back in their

Ms. Levault said the Verde will be introduced as both a left and right-
hand drive, so that it can be marketed around the world. She said details
of its pricing have not been released.

Mr. Pelmear has said that he employs more precise tolerances and
manufacturing techniques to decrease heat and energy loss and increase
the efficiency of the internal combustion engine. He said he has more
than quadrupled the industry average engine efficiency of about 8

Mr. Pelmear's company employs eight people, and he said he'll "take
resumes" on Monday, but won't accept applications, for what would be his
first shift of production workers. Depending on how the plant start-up
goes, Mr. Pelmear said, "we'll probably add another 25 over the next
three months after that." Mr. Pelmear did not say what workers will be

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Posted by Ulysses on June 6, 2009, 3:06 pm

Yes, but will it pass the California emissions test?

The 1983 Ford Ranger with a small 4 cylinder engine and manual trans was
rated at up to 41 mpg.  The 2008 with the small 4 cylinder engine and manual
trans was rated at up to 26.  I imagine that the 41 mpg engine produced a
lot more bad emissions.

Posted by harry k on June 7, 2009, 2:09 pm
Or that the 2008 was forced to claim more realistic mileage.  There
was a lot of BS back in the 80s about how much mileage cars would get.

Harry K

Posted by Ulysses on June 8, 2009, 2:21 pm

Or that the 2008 was forced to claim more realistic mileage.  There
was a lot of BS back in the 80s about how much mileage cars would get.

Harry K

No doubt what you say is true to some extent and I read somewhere that they
changed the way they rate gas mileage for 2009 cars but still, I used to get
32-33 mpg with my '93 Ford Escort (manual trans, 1.9L engine) and I got
about 22-23 mpg with my '66 Mustang with a 3-speed auto and 289 V8 engine
with my foot on the floor most of the time.  From what I've read it
*appears* that most cars get lower gas mileage than comparable cars from the
not-too-distant past.

Posted by Richard W. on June 8, 2009, 5:10 pm

I consistently get 27 mpg back and forth to work. Which is a mix of country
and city driving. About 32 mpg on the freeway, this is in my 95 Escort wagon
with 1.9L engine and auto transmission. My wife had an 84 Mercury grand
Marquis which got 22 mpg on the freeway and 17 in town. That's with the 302
(5.0 liter) engine.

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