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back online - bad weather in Oregon

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Posted by z on April 4, 2012, 6:50 am
Hydro is still working.. had a bad slide that took out a bunch of my
penstock.. been a pretty crazy year for weather

Like every 2 weeks another big storm hits and floods everywhere.. doesn't
make the news naturally.  Just got over one day before yesterday and
things are calming down

I just got the hydro (http://www.homebrewhydro.com ) going again running
some temp hose, but I'll have to re-do a lot of it whenever the damn
weather gives up a bit.  The turnbine is still working great.. it's all
about damn plumbing.  A huge log came down and totally nailed my coanda
intake .. didn't hurt the screen much but fubared my collector, so it's
kind of half-assed fixed till I can fab a better one.  So that didn't
help things (I think that happened 2 storms ago).  The damn thing ran
great for 2 years but the weather this year was above and beyond the
usual.  Have to retool this summer with some tougher stuff for sure.

Hope you all are well.  I finally got a hughsnet link so no more phone
lines for interernet.  Sucker takes 70 watts though, but I scored an i7
laptop with dual graphics
Nvidia Geforce GT 540M and some generic intel graphics .. So you can set
various applications to use one or the other as you need.  When you want
to play skyrim it runs great (but sucks the juice) but like now doing
simple things you can throttle it down (including the CPU) with presets
.. it's amazing how much power it saves, but also gives you the juice
when you need to compile or render a video or play a game

It's made a huge difference.. now I'm able to run 24x7 off just the hydro
and solar (when the sun shines) even with the draw from the hughsnet.  
That is when the damn floods don't take out my penstock

So hope you all are well .. i'm still off the grid and living in the
boonies .. and now if the phone goes out I'm still connected!


P.S. still watching the group for a post showing one of those magic
magnetic power systems that you put together to get free power out of it
and costs about 100 bucks to make.  Still no love on that front huh?

Posted by Vaughn on April 4, 2012, 6:19 pm
On 4/4/2012 2:50 AM, z wrote:

Great to hear from you Zach!  I've been wondering.

Just fine at this end.

Wow, that's serious!  Do you keep it on 24/7?

I think Hughsnet has too much latency for VOIP, but I just fired AT&T
after being a regular customer for over a half-century. It felt good!
Now we use cable Internet and OOMA VOIP.  The change cut our
communications bill in half.  I kept my old phone number, but left 90%
of the crappy spam sales calls behind.  OOMA filters them out!  Silence
is golden.

Those types are still around.  One in particular.


Posted by z on April 4, 2012, 7:10 pm

Not all the time.  I shut down the house draw altogether when I go to bed
so it can charge all night and have a full load when I get up in the
morning.  Then (on the ideal day) some sun shows up so you get a good
solar hit during the day and then can run till bedtime again.  But I shut
off the sat if I know I won't be using it for a while and for sure during

Nice. Man I'd kill for that.  Our town (the nearest one to me) finally
got DSL which is nice for everyone there.  I'm too far out naturally, but
I help set up a bunch of businesses with wireless etc so if I need to get
some big files or such I can get that done in town.

Latency is a bitch .. that's for sure.  I was very worried about using
ssh -- I do a lot of command line linux/unix work for my job and a lot of
file editing via ssh and it was killing me bigtime.  That once second
between keystrokes is a pain.

Eventually I found

Which lets you mount a unix directory over ssh (called sshfs) so for
editing it's quite nice since you can do all the edits in a regular text
editor and then hit save .. then you get a little latency while it saves
but at least not when you type.

Haven't tried VOIP -- i'm sure it'd be horrible.  But since more and more
of my work is graphics and web stuff it's a hell of a lot better than a
crappy modem on a noisy phone line!  It's also nice to be able to get a
windows update without waiting a month for it to download

Well once we get one that actually works I could use one!

Take care


Posted by Bruce Gordon on April 4, 2012, 7:53 pm

Don't know about HughesNet, but StarBand runs Skype just fine even with
video, with only a few small dropouts.... Momma and I use it all the
time, when she is deployed.... Just Say'en.... YMMV.....

Bruce in Alaska   add path before the @ for email

Posted by Brian Gaff on April 6, 2012, 3:18 pm
 Alaska eh?

 I suppose one can get bored up there...


From the Bed of Brian Gaff.
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