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Posted by zxcvbob on July 12, 2009, 1:40 am
jethro wrote:

I have a Yamaha 2400W (peak) inverter-generator that will put out 2000W
continuous.  That's enough for me to get by in an emergency if my wife
or daughter doesn't try using the microwave or a hair dryer while the
air conditioner is running.

If I didn't have that already, I would be *really* tempted to get a
knockoff Lister 6/1 diesel engine from India and put a generator head on
it.  (I just learned about them)  650RPM, relatively quiet, and they'll
run forever.  With their massive flywheels, they can supply enormous
surge current, and the frequency shouldn't vary much.  And they are too
heavy for the neighbors to steal. ;-)


Posted by You on July 12, 2009, 6:12 pm

Only if you want to BEBUILD them from the Ground up, BEFORE you actually
try and run them.  These vary in quality from very rough to fairly well
done.  Some still have casting sand in them and haven't been deburred
from the machining.  The design is wonderful. NOthing like a real
Lister, but the knockoffs are a TOTALLY Different thing altogether...
and more have failed than have run good.....

Posted by m II on July 13, 2009, 4:54 am
 You wrote:

I beg to differ. I have the GTC (Gecko Trading Co) version of the six
horsepower cold start Listeroid. It has the original seven bolt head and
a chrome bore. An oil filter is also fitted.

No sand or burrs. I know, because I checked it all before firing it up.
 I even had the head off to make sure all was in order.

Pure simplicity in construction makes it easy to work on.

I purchased mine here:


I have no business interest or any financial ties with that company. I'm
just a customer. I think the PowerAnand engine is the same design and
probably are the manufacturers.



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