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Posted by z on July 14, 2009, 9:52 pm

I know we're always trying for the least worst solutions rather than the
best.  Must be because we're not living off a trust fund or have six figure
incomes huh?

best of luck man


Posted by Ulysses on July 15, 2009, 12:25 am

If only I could find someone to pay the all the stuff I want to play with...

Part of my problem is that I simply don't need a huge generator that
produces 20K watts or more.  All I need is about 3000 watts.  Any more than
that I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Posted by z on July 15, 2009, 1:24 am

Yeah me too -- i live happy on around 1000 with the occasional need for -
2-3k.  Maybe this winter i'll try to build a generator out of parts like
you are doing.  My hondas are mostly dying now.  Just plain worn out
after all these years.  I like the idea of using a custom exaust.

Might have a look for a used onan like those guys were saying too rather
than shelling out the big bucks (which I don't have) for another eu2000

Posted by Ulysses on July 15, 2009, 2:45 pm

My eu2000 #2 still runs as long as I put oil in it every hour or so.  Enough
power to run my little chain saw anyway.

To charge my 48 volt bank at C10 I need about 3500 watts but since batteries
don't continue to charge at the higher rate then I can squeeze by with 3000
watts.  I suppose there might be some advantages to using a slighty bigger
than 63 amps alternator but then you would need a bigger engine, more
gasoline, and the extra power would only be needed at the beginning of the
charge cycle.  Since I have the OutBack inverters it is possible to run my
well pump with the engine-driven alternator outputting only about 35 amps
AND running one inverter as a charger with a 2000 watt 120V single phase
generator to get a total of around 50-60 amps which will allow me to run the
pump without discharging the batteries (It'll even charge at about 10 amps
with the well pump running).  And, as you probably know, instead of buying a
third eu2000 I bought the cheap UST GG2300 for under $00 and have had no
regrets (not many, anyway).  I had to replace the muffler (fell apart inside
but still worked) and it has taken me two weeks to remove the rotor from the
tapered shaft so I can replace the impeller but it has 3000 hours on it and
still starts with one pull and has more power than the Honda.  They replaced
the muffler under warranty plus sent me a new air filter for free.  If it
turns out that I need to replace the whole rotor it's only $5!  Their
service center/parts distribution/technical support is in Fullerton (Orange
County) so I'm lucky that I don't even have to pay shipping since they are
close by, but even with shipping the parts seems to be WAY cheaper than if
it was a Coleman or Homelite etc.

Yea, the Onan is very appealing, especially since I learned they run at a
slower speed.  But I can also run my engine/alternator at a slower speed
once the batteries get somewhat charged.  Maybe not quite as low as 1800
rpm, but probably in the low 2000s.

Posted by Bruce in alaska on July 15, 2009, 5:43 pm

Look into one of the venerable Onan CCK's or even a newer NH or BG
Series. They were built in 3 to 5 Kw Models, and can be had for less
One Kilobuck, easily. Lots of these came from Motorhomes, that have died
and gone to Motorhome Heaven. Usually have less than 3000 Hours on them,
which is 1/3 their Primary Lifetime, with proper Periodic Maintainance.
they run at 1800 Rpm, and actually the older ones, without the PCB
Engine Controls, and better, and more reliable than the newer ones.
Next up in class are Onan J Series Gensets, that come both in Gas, and
Diesel, Versions, as well as Air and Water Cooled versions. The Gas
Fueled versions come in Twin 6.5Kw,and Quad cyl. 12.5Kw versions, that
are easily converted to Dry Gas fuel. If your in to Diesels, the J
Series Onans are the ones to look for. They come in Single 3Kw, Twin
6.5Kw, and Quad 12.5Kw versions.  Onan built Marine Versions of ALL the
J Series Gensets, and these are easily setup for CoGen type operations.
They also built Radiator Cooled version of both the Gas and Diesel
Powered gensets in various configurations.  I bought a number of 3Kw
Diesel J Series Gensets, all for less than $00US, both Air and Water
Cooled, and fellow gave me an air Cooled 6.5Kw Diesel this spring, just
for hauling it away, and I live far out in the Alaskan Bush, where there
aren't a lot of these around.  Look around where you live on eBay and
CraigList, Onan built thousands of these each year, for about three
decades, so there are a pile still out there kicking around, and most
folks have no clue, what they are, or what they are worth, to the right
folks, who do.....

Bruce in alaska
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