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did I damage AVR (honda generator) ?

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Posted by Mark on July 3, 2008, 11:03 pm
generator is honda gx390, 6600w / surge 8000, northerntool pro series 8000, unit
total running hours under 30.

had it connected to load and suspect the ground post connection wire was not
connected to post at other end, ie. bad ground connection may have caused it to

after running it on about 2000-2500w load for 30 minutes, lights flickered
couple times and then shut off, there were no motors running or starting at the
just couple inside lights, fridge, tv and radio, small a/c unit which uses only
nothing else was running.

when I ran to the generator, could detect a faint electric burn odor and now
suspect I
may have damaged the automatic voltage regulator.

it restarted fine (I did not reconnect to load) and I got 240/120 output voltage
the connection plug but did not want to put it back on load for fear of making
worse (?)

is the AVR easy to diagnose and replace? how sensitive are the hondas or
generators in
having the proper ground post connection, if that was the cause of the shut

Posted by Wade Lippman on July 3, 2008, 11:56 pm

First of all, it is apparently a Northerntool with a honda engine, not a
honda  generator.  Right?

On the three generators I have owned the ground is not connected to
anything, so the generator wouldn't much care about your ground connection.
I believe that is standard on consumer generator; OSHA requires industrial
generators to have the ground connected to the neutral.  It should say what
you have on both the generator and the owners manual.
I can't see how a bad ground would affect you in either instance unless you
have a device that sends current to the ground rather then to the neutral;
which would be unusual.

And finally I read through the owner's manual.  It doesn't say if the ground
is bonded, nor does it mention having AVR.  Are you sure it even has it?
If the fridge and the A/C came on at the same time, that could easily have
caused it to stall.
Good luck.

Posted by Mark on July 4, 2008, 12:31 am
 Wade Lippman wrote:

right, northerntool pro 8000 with honda gx390

you may be thinking of a conventional ac which this is not (inverter system with
variable speed everything, never exceeds 300 watts at startup, 3 amps)

oddly enough, when I've run it the 1st two weeks since new, ac and fridge have
repeatedly cycled and since ac is an inverter, it never causes a surge unlike
conventional systems, max amps well below 20 with all and generator rated above

so everything that was running has stayed running previously (over 20 hours in
continous run) and nothing of the sort occurred.

Posted by ransley on July 4, 2008, 12:41 am
How did you measure surge, with a digital meter that records the
peak?, ive seen new friges that use 100w pull 700w surge, and 300w
surge for AC sounds way to low. But its not honda so who knows who
made what as far as quality goes. Was the load balanced with a
transfer panel, how did you hook it up.

Posted by Mark on July 4, 2008, 1:12 am
 ransley wrote:

the inverter ac definitely runs as I described and is rated 790w max and 7 amps
as it
starts off (yes, compressor is inverter controlled also and fully variable
speed, not
a two or three speed) very slowly and almost never draws more than 450w and 5

fridge is fairly new but even granting that it may pull 700w, shouldn't a honda
engine rated at 8000 watts, continuous 6600 watts easily handle this? it
certainly has
in the first 20 hours of it's operation and it didn't even speed struggle when
cycled on and off.

I also know the full load based on power company having connected a data logger
running under utility power and we tested each circuit separately and multiple
circuits simultaneously. The logger recorded spikes just as they occurred within
thousands of a second fraction so am very confident of the total power draw of
everything that is running when I connect generator.

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