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did I damage AVR (honda generator) ? - Page 6

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Posted by ransley on July 4, 2008, 1:13 am

I think you made a big mistake running it in the rain, read your
manual, its not rain-weather proof.  Wet air is sucked through the gen
and motor to cool it and 100 humidity was in the panel. The ground rod
might have already have done its job and a direct short or malfunction
from rain might have actualy happened.

Posted by Abe on July 4, 2008, 1:23 am


Although you made some good commentary remarks, it seems that you
don't know of a way to diagnose this, which is the help the OP asked
for in the first place. In short, you should have just said, "no, I do
not know of a way to diagnose this, but here are some observations,
thoughts, etc...."

And...no, I do not know how to diagnose this problem either.

Posted by ransley on July 4, 2008, 11:31 am
OP said it still runs and puts out voltage, actualy he doesnt know if
anything is wrong, I said he should try it, it could be simply low oil
or alot of other things IF it doesnt work right but he doesnt even
know,  my 7500w unit says its not weatherproof, I would not want it
rained upon water goes most anywhere and this is air cooled with water
going anywhere it wants to. Its not weather sealed..

Posted by Mark on July 4, 2008, 11:59 am
 ransley wrote:

perhaps my mistake in describing it but it actually is totally weatherproof,
that is,
there is not a drop of water possible to go anywhere on this unit, even in
rain.  in a hurricane, yes, but yesterdays rain was a mild one where one could
walk for short distance and get just one or two drops

so, don't think the shut down was due to weather

Posted by Ulysses on July 4, 2008, 4:57 pm

a way that

plastic fuel tank

to run even

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I would gather up a bunch of blow dryers and electric heaters and add them
up until I got a resistive load about equal to the rated output of the
generator head being conscience of equaling distributing the load on both
legs of the output and see if it can produce the rated output.  If you have
a Kill A Watt meter or something that to verify the loads that would be a

Check the oil level.  Even if it was recently serviced that does not
necessarily mean the oil level is not low.  If it is a slanted oil fill hole
fill it to where it is almost running out.  You can temporarily disconnect
the low oil float switch to check for an intermittant problem.  It is
usually a yellow wire.

Visually check for any wires (probably black) or connectors that might be
making contact with ground due to engine vibration.

Sometimes a bad On/Off switch can be intermittant.  Most On/Off switches are
open while running and connected to ground to turn off the engine.
Disconnecting it temporarily (probably a black or brown wire) may help
locate an intermittant switch.

Remove the fuel line and check to see if it is flowing easily (use a
suitable container to catch the gas, of course).  If not remove the fuel
filter (if it has one) at the tank shut-off valve and clean it.  Honda
sometimes uses a filter screen inside the fuel line but probably not on the
GX engine.

Check the air filter.

Check the governor to make sure it is moving freely.

Check and regap the spark plug.

Sometimes a bad ingition module will start and run just fine and then
suddenly stop.  Then it will start again.

If you do all this (what I call routine maintenance) and it stll has
problems remove the float bowl from the carburator and check to see if the
float is stuck.  Sometimes there will be a little burr on the edges of the
float pivot that can be gently sanded off.  There should be a screw near the
bottom of the float bowl for draining out the gas before taking if off.
Turn off the fuel supply first, of course.

Are you doing anything such as connecting this generator to an inverter such
as an OutBack or Xantrex SW?

Maybe the generator doesn't like your inverter AC.  Does it work OK with
other comparable loads?  None of my microwave ovens work well with any of my
generators.  Neither do battery chargers.

Is this thing still under warranty?

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