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doubtful article?

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Posted by Robert Morein on July 25, 2004, 8:34 pm
This article makes an observation about lead acid batteries that runs
counter to anything I've read elsewhere.


Posted by Ashley Clarke on July 25, 2004, 9:02 pm

Yes, this has just given me an idea to follow up the above:
If possible, keep the Deep-cycle Batteries seperated from the
Load with current limiting and use the cheapo Automotive Battery
in between (connected in parrallel) for the peaks of high current
drain as a Buffer.
Unfortunately with this new configuration you would not be able to
take advantage of as much current for as much time when using
the Deep-cycles directly but they would at least be protected.
Maybe make it into a manually switched in mode as required?

Ashley Clarke
Email: ashley@a-clarke.demon.co.uk

Posted by William P.N. Smith on July 25, 2004, 9:50 pm
Can't be right, though he could think he's seeing this effect if his
charger isn't doing the right thing.

I'm especially concerned by "leave the auto battery in parallel all
the time, for surge loads" with no thought to what deep cycles will do
to the auto battery.

One thing he did get right:

This is an empirical article based on 10 years of cruising experience,
with no technical verification.

William Smith
ComputerSmiths Consulting, Inc.    www.compusmiths.com

Posted by Bob Adkins on July 26, 2004, 4:58 pm
 On Sun, 25 Jul 2004 17:50:26 -0400, William P.N. Smith wrote:

If he hadn't intentionally deep cycled his batteries during his 10 years of
experience, he would swear by not deep cycling. He probably lucked out that
he didn't lose more batteries from deep cycling.


Posted by Vaughn on July 25, 2004, 10:55 pm

     Take it from somebody who ruined way too many batteries before he finally
figured it out...

       It is far more likely that this guy has just never had a really good
charger.  If you have a charger that charges to too high a voltage, you are
certainly better off to isolate the battery bank and charge it manually
occasionally; which is exactly what he is doing.


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