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firewood season + new saw

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Posted by z on September 24, 2009, 2:25 am

Hey all

Hope the firewood gathering is mostly in by now for you guys as winter is
coming!!  Man I thought I could sqeek out another season with my old
stihl 034 super but sadly nope.  The old dog had a lot of issues with the
new gas, which we've talked about before.  I had cleaned out the carb and
gas tank and it was running pretty good for the first part of the summer.  
Keep in mind this sucker had 'made in west germany' on it -- I enherited
it when my old man kicked off.  I think he got it in the mid 80's

So I didn't notice it was running lean and getting hot one day and blam..
froze it up.  Looks like some deposits came lose from the gas tank and
stuck one of the jets or something like that. Freaking new gas will do
that -- old crap in your gas tank will detach and get in the carbs on
occasion. That and the gasket degredation issue is the only real problem
i've seen with it.

So I bit the bullet and actually got a new saw, rather than dick around
trying to rebuild the old girl (I still might, but I need my wood DONE -
no time to screw around with it for now.  Maybe this winter).

Most of the time I have to cut maybe 10-20 inch accross max, but once in
a while a big tree gets in my way so I wanted a saw that could handle a
bigger bar.  Also a myrtle wood split last winter that must be 30+
accross and that stuff makes good fire wood.  Also you smell nice after
cutting it, which helps with the ladies.

I went for a stihl 361 with 28 inch bar -- and holy crap. It cuts good &
pulls like mad cutting bigger logs. Man I'd gotten so used to my old
tired 034 I'd forgotton how good a new saw can cut.  The longer bar means
less leaning over cutting up logs on the deck too.  With a new gas can
and a new saw there shouldn't be any problem using the new gas -- no 30
years of gunk built up in there anywhere.

Now hopefully this one will last another 20 years .. they ain't cheap
thats for sure, but i'm loving it.  My buddy down the road a ways did
some logging and left me a nice pile i've been hitting pretty hard, so
just about done with it for this year.

Might leave a big chunk of that myrtle wood to make a table or something
from the big trunk section -- its some nice wood there be a shame to just
burn it.

cheers & hope things are well and yer houses are warm with the shit hits!

-Zachary in Oregon  

Posted by vaughn on September 24, 2009, 12:13 pm

Thanks Zach.
we expect to remain warm through most of the winter.  Of course, I live in
south Florida.  Here, we need our chain saw for the hurricane season, not
for winter.
Enjoy your new toy/tool.  I really enjoy reading about your adventures.


Posted by Bruce in alaska on September 24, 2009, 6:44 pm

Nothin like a Stihl to make firewood out of trees... Have had my 032
forever, and bought the Little Lady a 018 for Christmas last year,
yea, it was actually on her list.... and it is a very nice, One Hand
Limber... Stihl forever....

Bruce in alaska
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Posted by harry k on September 24, 2009, 2:18 pm

That 361 is a great saw.  The difference between the 80s saws and
cuarrent ones are immense, power/weight/speed.   I have the MS
210/16" (limbing), MS310/20"(bucking), MS361/25 or 28" for the big
stuff.  Gone through around 12-15 cord locust and 4-5 of willow.  Just
finished what may be my last tree for this year the other day.

FWIW - arboristsite.com is a great forum for everything about loggging/
firewood/saws.  Only go there if you have lots of time to spare
reading it - it's addictive.

Harry K

Posted by z on September 25, 2009, 7:22 pm

Yeah its good to have the right saw for the job.  I do have a little
crappy poulin that I keep on my four wheeler for cutting trails but its
not up for any real work.  Just handy for small stuff.

The 361 is a bit big sometimes but it seems up to just about any job ;)

Yeah I've seen that site before coming up on searches and got some good
advice reading various threads.  Never really delved into it -- might
have to revisit that site



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