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goat-powered future?

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Posted by Jim on November 15, 2006, 10:35 am

Goat-Powered Future for America?

Here's another original idea from Jim the Power Guy

Energy can be supplied to a house, a farm, or even a city using nothing more
than goats and garbage.

The entire system (large or small) can be built on multiples of single goat
units.  A goat unit consists of the following:

1 goat

1 Plexiglas box (large enough to contain goat)

1 fresh air fan

1 water bowl

1 food dish

1 poop bowl/can

2 15-foot sections of flex-ventilation hose

1 boiler w/250 gallon tank

1 steam-driven turbine/generator

1 bank of 12v dc storage batteries

1 converter (dc to ac)


1. Place the goat in a Plexiglas box just large enough to contain goat.
Arrange water and food containers so that goat can reach them without
effort.  Place poop collection can/bowl at rear (of goat).

2. Cut a hole in the rear of the Plexiglas box and insert ventilation hose.
Run the hose to the lower section (hotbox) of the steam boiler.

3. Cut hole in front of Plexiglas box.  Attach ventilation hose to box and
to fresh air fan.  Make all connections secure.

4.  Feed goat with waste foliage, grass clippings, food scraps and other
garbage from gardens, farms, etc.

5.  Keep water level in water dish at least half full.

6. Ignite methane gases in boiler hotbox.  (Be sure water level in tank is
at proper level)

7. Run wiring from steam generator to battery bank and from batteries to

8. Enjoy living off the grid for life.

9. To increase voltage and/or wattage, simply add more goats.  (Boiler can
take up to 250 goats)

10. Be sure to keep at least two goats for breeding and restocking power

This system really works.  Granted, there have been a few minor explosions
in some third-world applications (too many goats on the systems), and one
fella in Minnesota managed to burn all his facial hair plum off when
igniting the fire in the hotbox.  But mostly, the results have been ok and
injuries have been minor (or at least funny).  One city is even looking into
using this system to power the main grid. (However, the mayor has asked that
his name not be mentioned at this time.)  So you know it's gonna work for

Ok, now all you gotta do is get out there and git 'er done.

2006 Jim Sutton

Posted by nicksanspam on November 15, 2006, 12:15 pm

Jim <Jim-at-AH-Tips.Net> wrote:

An ASHRAE-standard 79.3 pound goat would make 175.39 Btu/h at rest and
438.8 Btu/h (144.7 latent) when normally active, eg breeding. Heating
a well-designed house with a 200 Btu/h-F thermal conductance to 70 F
on a 30 F cloudy day would require (70-30)200 = 8,000 Btu/h, ie 18.23
normally-active goats. I'd put them in the basement.

A fatal flaw! These two airflows would mix.

Why not just compost and recover heat with a double-wall plastic film
greenhouse or a coroplast heat exchanger? With 130 F moving moist air
with condensation on one side and 80 F flowing water on the other,
it could be small, peut-etre comme ca, pour des cochons:
http://www.editionsduboisbaudry.fr/pm/article.php?action=pa&id  196&PHPSESSID=3a4c762e9736144a50...

Then again, if you have 11,000 pigs, you could build one of these:


Posted by Trygve Lillefosse on November 15, 2006, 8:03 pm

On 15 Nov 2006 07:15:21 -0500, nicksanspam@ece.villanova.edu wrote:

The wikings used to take the animals indoors at wintertime in their
longhouses. They provided central heating. (and foul smell)

To put a goat in sutch a confinement is animal cruelty.

If this was done in a more humane setting, it would be clever, instead
of just cruel.

SEE YA !!!
Trygve Lillefosse
AKA - Malawi, The Fisher King

Posted by Mary Fisher on November 15, 2006, 6:17 pm

"Jim" <Jim-at-AH-Tips.Net> wrote in message

That would be illegal in Britain and rightly so.

Posted by George Ghio on November 15, 2006, 10:56 pm

Mary Fisher wrote:

No problem. Under present British, American and Australian laws you
could use suspected terrorists with no limit on the time you can keep
them locked up.

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