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homebrew hydro update: coanda water intake - Page 3

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Posted by Mel on February 23, 2009, 10:21 am
Morris Dovey a crit :

we'll all be rooooned said Hanrahan!


Posted by Richard W. on February 23, 2009, 12:20 am

Couldn't you use a large pulley to a small one on your generator to get
higher RPM's for more power out put? I know a guy that tried to spin a car
alternator in his lathe to test it out, but didn't have enough speed to get
it to even start producing power. If you look in your car the pulley doing
the driving on the crankshaft is much larger than the pulley on the

Also I see you found out that you started with the wrong coupling to begin
with to connect your pelton shaft to the generator. If you wanted to use a
belt system for more alternator speed a bearing housing from a riding lawn
mower deck might be what you are looking for.

Richard W.

Posted by z on February 23, 2009, 3:23 am

Yeah I considered a belt drive, but decided against it.  A belt or chain
(I condisered using a bike frame with gears even) requires higher torque
than I produce.  A direct drive is also more efficient since you
eliminate all the friction involved in the belt design.

I have 36psi 1-1/2 inch water so I think i'm better off.  If I had a
larger volume of water (low head, lots of water) and larger wheel i'd for
sure want to use a belt or whatnot.

As for RPM i'm guessing im hitting around 1100 free spinning, but under
load its much less. Its a PMA alternator bilt for that RPM and higher so
it makes pretty good power.  Not that i don't want to spin it faster heh.  

Going to 2 inch line soon, so that should almost double my power -- in

Yeah there is a company that makes those attachments -- the same place
that I got my coupler:


Like brackets and belts and such to fit to lawn mower engines

Thanks so I did think about doing a belt drive but decided direct drive
would be better for my situation.

Posted by Bob F on February 23, 2009, 5:47 am
 z wrote:

I suspect the direct drive is the right choice. You just don't need pulley
losses. The better solution for mis-matches would be different windings.

Are you keeping the 1 1/2" line too? The 2 together would be way better than
either alone. Maybe 2 nozzles for each line. Somewhat bigger for the 2". That
would give you multiple options for lower water times, plus significantly more
power at high water.

Variable nozzles would be really nice.

And again - thanks for sharing your project here.

Posted by z on February 23, 2009, 4:59 pm

I'm just a little short of pipe, so I'll only have the 2 inch for now.  
I'd be great to run both, but the other issue is that for much of the
year running both would exaust my supply, so for now probably just get
the 2 incher going.

although a rancher buddy of mine says he has a bunch of 2 inch PVC I
could have but its in a rather difficult place to get at -- he started a
water project that he gave up on, so he's got 100 foot lengths of 2 inch
way the hell up this nasty bit of ground.  I'd have to cut it up and get
it in a trailer.. sounds like a summer project :)

yeah.. I'd kill for a good solution on that front.  With those brass
nozzles you have to custom bore them for each water condition and then
swap.  I've never actually tried those brass garden nozzles that are
variable, but just looking at them you could see they're introducing all
kinds of obstruction.

If anyone has ever seen a variable nozzle that keeps a strait stream but
lets you change the size of the 'water hole' i'd love to get a link or

How cool would it be to sit there with a multi-meter and adjust the
nozzle as its producing power till you hit the sweet spot?  

And anyone here actually use a harris hydro system?  I have a set of
brass harris nozzles that have some kind of crazy metric thread/size.  
They're *this* close to 3/4 inch NTP but they're just slightly larger.  
I've taken them to NAPA and all my local hardware stores and can never
find a fitting that will work.  

Suppose I should contact Harris -- i wonder if they are custom made just
for that system or what.  Kind of a bummer since I have six of them lying
around.  Or i'll have to hatch something up at my buddies machine shop.



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