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micro-hydro inquiry from the center of the earth

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Posted by z on September 21, 2010, 5:24 am
I got this email  the other day from Leonid from Israel who's doing work
down in

Krubera - Voronja Cave


which is the deepest known cave in the world it seems.  Anyway He'd found
my half-assed homebrewhydro.com site and asked about them putting in a
hydro turbine  down at the bottom of that sucker so they could recharge
their tools -- like electric hammers and lights and such.  He wanted some

He has 20 liters/second with 4 meters head which should give around 250-
300 watts depending. Not bad but low head, big water. Anwyay I gave him
the usual links to parts and such like Joseph Hartvigsen at http://h-
hydro.com/  I also asked if they could reduce the pipe size and maybe get
more head to simplify things perhaps getting the source at a higher point
in the cave .. seems like a lot less engineering with high head and lower
volume compared to high volume low head turbine setups i've seen.  No
need to gear up and the turbine parts are smaller (just more -- but
smaller pipe -- needed).  I mean they have to pack that stuff down there.

but pointed out that he really should probably buy something off the rack
that would work without a lot of screwing around (as in my humble build
your own hydro system).

It's one thing to work on your own design up here on the surface but I
kind of doubt you want to do that DYI stuff down 2,191 meters!

So i've seen this outfit

who have dealers in Romania and elsewhere in that part of the world.  
Anyone ever seen one in action? I told him to check them out as a starter

If you needed a semi-portable hydro-electric turbine to take down into
the center of the earth what would you get?

any advice I could pass on would be helpful.

I told him to send pictures when they got down there.. I think it's
pretty exciting .. micro-hydro in the deepest cave in the world and they
were foolish enough to ask me for help !!! I'm doing my best with advice

Thought you guys might have some thoughts on the subject


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