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Posted by Norman Dowds on January 4, 2005, 3:42 pm
My original post quotes building with din rail etc ; the componnents for
building a panel box or enclosure . The replies seem to have concluded that
the reference was to a cut off switch . By way of clarification , a DC
disconnect is an enclosure containing DC isolation equipment primarily .

The intent was to solicit experiences others have had building such a panel
rather ( buy a box , mount breakers , busses , etc ) . For example can the
main breaker be mounted on din rail ?

Posted by SQLit on January 4, 2005, 4:24 pm

The control panel/box your suggesting would be suited to din rail. The
reason most do not use it is because the devices can be more
expensive/harder to get. And if the panel/box is a definite purpose and has
little chance of upgrading or change why bother?

Posted by Sylvan Butler on January 9, 2005, 1:19 am

It sounds like "Norman Dowds" needs something like the Trace DC250.
This is a current-limiting circuit breaker, and a disconnect.

It is composed primarily of two components:  A 250amp high-voltage DC
breaker, mounted in an enclosure.  The enclosure has knockouts for a
second large breaker, four smaller breakers, and various conduit sizes.
I cannot remember if there was a grounding lug or a small ground bus bar
mounted in the enclosure, but I do know there wasn't much of any kind of
bus.  If you need/want something like that, you'd need to add it (eg, I
used at least one of the Trace DCBB and some generic buses).

solarsolar.com (no relation other than as a one-time, satisfied customer
about 5years ago) lists the DC250 for $87 (incl S&H).

www.windsun.com/Hardware/fuses1.htm (the other company I bought from,
about 7 years ago) also lists the DC250 as well as individual breakers.

Be certain that whatever disconnect you use, is rated to disconnect DC,
at more than your peak voltage will ever be, and has a HUGE interrupt
rating (eg, IIRC the NEC requires to interrupt at least 10,000amps when
connected to batteries).  The Trace DC250 satisfies those needs.

Wanted:  Omnibook 800 & accessories, cheap, working or not
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