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nees advise about emergency generator

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Posted by SgtBilko@FtBaxter.com on December 15, 2010, 1:05 am
I am looking for a small portable generator mostly for power outages, but
also to use occasionally to power wood working tools (table saw, skill saw,
etc)  I believe 3000 to 4000 watt would suffice.  I have about 500.00 to put
into a generator....... I am not real knowledgeable about generators, so any
advise would be appreciated. I think buying new is best way for me to go....
I found this deal at amazon                
(Amazon.com product link shortened)
         most reviews look good.........Is there a better option in this
price range?

Also have question  about using for emergency back up............I have 220
outlet in garage....which would be close (10') to location I would place
generator. Could i just connect cord from generator to this outlet and turn
off main breaker in house when needed, and would that work to power lights
and appliances?   I guess a cord would need to have 2 male connections?  

Posted by vaughn on December 15, 2010, 2:14 am

To be honest, that might work, but it's not recommended.  This scheme is
dangerous (for you and others) and illegal on more than one level.  Either feed
necessesary items directly from generator, or install a proper power transfer


Posted by Martin Riddle on December 15, 2010, 2:20 am

(Amazon.com product link shortened)

I can't comment on the generator, other than 4 cycle generators are good
for occasional use.

As for the 220 outlet. Well, you can't connect a generator up to it
You need a "transfer switch" so that the generator doesnít get connected
to Utility power and visa versa.
Thatís to protect the generator and the line crew repairing the street
There are different models, here's a basic switch... ( check with your
local electrician for required electrical codes )

<(Amazon.com product link shortened)92378901&sr=1-3>

Pretty simple, even a non educated person can switch the house back to
Utility power without incident.

Hope that helps.


Posted by news on December 15, 2010, 3:21 am
 On Wed, 15 Dec 2010 01:05:41 GMT, "SgtBilko@FtBaxter.com"

The least expensive SAFE way to connect the generator to your house is
with a Gen-Tran transfer switch such as this used one:

It allows you to power four 120 volt circuits and one 240 volt
circuit.  The switches connect the load either to the AC line or to
the generator but there's no way the generator can be connected to the
AC line - thus no chance of you electrocuting the guy working to
restore power lines a half mile down the road.

New Gen-Tran units are appreciably more money:


Posted by Me on December 16, 2010, 1:09 am

As your handle implies, you're totally out of your league here and
looking for answers. First, ANY 3-4Kw Genset you can buy NEW for $00US
is a total Piece of Crap, and wouldn't last 500 hours of Operational
Time. Second, What you are really looking for is something that is
substantial, but not to expensive, HOWEVER since you need NEW, as your
above statement says, I figure your NOT a Motor Pool Sgt. and wrenching
isn't your game, and not even in your future. SO, therefor only a NEW
Genset would do, because your not going to be able to FIX it, when it
breaks, and it WILL BREAK. SO, No good used Gensets like an Onan or
Kohler for you. Basically you have NO Options here, unless you are going
to up your Spending Amount by four times. for $K, you can buy a GOOD
Solid Honda Inverter Genset in the 3Kw range, NEW on Sale, and have what
your looking for. these things are BULLETProof, and even a Green recruit
can operate them without catastrophic failures, if they just change the
LUBEOil on schedule.

Now we get to your installation problems when trying to operate this
genset in House Backup mode. If I was you Commanding Office, and you
suggested your plan to "Me", I would bust you back to PFC, so fast it
would make your ears ring, from the Sonic Boom. As others have stated,
it is illegal in 100% of the State in this USA, and against the NEC in
more than one CRITICAL instance. If you can't use individual extension
cords to power you Backup Plan loads, then you best spend the BUCKS, and
have a proper Transfer Switch installed, by someone way smarter than
you, and NOT Bubba's second cousin, from down the road. A Licensed
Electrician in the State you reside in. They can be found in the Phone
Book Yellow Pages under "Electrical Contractor".....

If you are not willing to do the above, then you are a "Walking Cluster
fuck", (I am sure you have heard that before) and we will hear about
your Article 32 hearing, in the near future, when you fry someone with
your setup.

Me      One who at least knows his limitations.....

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