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new kewl kiosk lists many kewl and free-ship diy green solutions

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Posted by rosaphilia@webtv.net on July 21, 2012, 9:19 pm
 ows is alive and well
to see this go to nycga.net

also on a related note:


hi everyone

i have recently started a kewl kiosk link page within fb that features vend=
ors that offer many useul things to owsers and friends! DiY stuff, spy stuf=
f, doggie and kitty-cat naturopathic remedies, green solutions etc. please =
visit and "Like" us and "share" us and browse, shop and gift and enjoy! man=
y offer free shipping and some offer free shipping globally!

proceeds to go towards ows-inspired events/projects, doggie-on-death- and k=
itty-on-death-row animal rescue and community gardening in nycha developmen=
ts and other community gardens!

browse, shop, gift and overthrow the established order!

whilst saving doggies and kitty-cats and helping community gardens and othe=
r such unmentionables!

the url is   https://www.facebook.com/annayamada2kiosk

please tell all your friends! and click on the blue bar

"see more recent stories"

to see more of the complete set of listings as fb concattenates the list in=
 a move to try and force low-budget efforts like mine to pay them advertisi=
ng. I figure we can make our own critical mass and from this can grow many =
good things!


remember: "Like", "share" and "see more recent stories"

and tell all your friends!

early and often: https://www.facebook.com/annayamada2kiosk

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