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Posted by atthebeep on October 14, 2008, 10:55 am
Global Resource Corporation, a small company in New Jersey that has built
and successfully tested a machine that extracts oil, diesel fuel and fuel
oil from waste products like used tires, plastics, tar sands, slurry, shale
rock and capped off oil wells. There are lots of companies that do similar
things. This company is the only one that uses a microwave technology that
uses NO water and has zero emissions. The whole proccess is done in a
Extracting oil from oil shale has been around for a long time. It's just to
expensive using the old methods. The microwaves break down the shale rock,
old tires, etc... at the hydrocarbon levels and the only thing left is the
oil, diesel and gas. In and interview with the founder, Frank Pringle, on
FOX News he said that he takes the diesel fuel straight from the machine and
pours it right into his car. No refining required. That means no wasted
energy, no environmental concerns at all. In the interview Mr. Pringle
stated this country throughs away over 7 million tires a year. His machine
can extract 1.5 gallons of diesel fuel from one (1) tire.  The FOX
interviewer was aw-struck making him repeat the statement several times.
Slurry is the oil that's left in wells because it's to thick to pump up. A
microwave device can be lowered into the well to break down the slurry and
it can then be pumped up easily.
It's estimated there is enough shale rock right here in the U.S. that if we
extracted all the oil just from the shale, it would come to over 3 Trillon
barrels. Thats more oil than all other oil producing countrys in the world.
We have enough shale rock in the Utah, Colorado and Wyoming area to make the
U.S. totally free of foreign oil for over forty years. Enough time to
improve on other sources of power like solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear.
Canada has more oil than all other countries except Saudi Arabia. Canada
just bought 5 of Global's machines for 1 million dollars apiece. One a year
for 5 years. Why? because it's cheaper, safer and cleaner than drilling.
We need to stop spending Billions on foreign oil when we have the oil right
here in our own backyard. I don't understand why the people in this country,
now that oil is under $00 a barrel again, are so eager to send all our
money to countries that want to kill us. Make this country independent of
foreign oil.
Foreign oil is driving this country into the ground.
I've been watching the stock price for Global for a few months and every
time the price of oil comes down tens of thousands of shares are sold off
driving the price down. That makes it harder for the company to do the R/D
needed to keep improving on the product. I can't figure out why selling of
shares and making it more difficult for Global to move forward and at the
same time sending Billions of dollars overseas keeping of dependent on other
countries, is perferable to becoming independent and going back to being a
true leader in the world.
Global Resource Corp along with the major oil companies and the mining
companies can save this country.
This new technolgy could create thousands of jobs and pump Millions of
dollars back into our economy.
Check out the website for videos explaning the process.
With the right backing and support this technology could save this country.

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Posted by Jim Wilkins on October 14, 2008, 12:50 pm
On Oct 14, 6:55am, attheb...@hotmail.com wrote:

Why don't you publish the process here and allow everyone to use it
for free?

Posted by atthebeep on October 14, 2008, 3:41 pm
 This isn't something that you or I could use to go out in the backyard and
make oil. Global Resource Corp makes a machine that breaks things down at
the hydrocarbon level. It's like a giant microwave oven. Different items,
tires, slurry,shale rock, things made from petroleum all break down at
different frequency's. The machines would be sold to oil company's to use on
their own wells and to company's in the recycling business. Canada's
government bought 5 of the machines one a year for five years, to increase
their supply of oil without having to drill.

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Posted by clare at snyder dot ontario do on October 14, 2008, 7:37 pm
 On Tue, 14 Oct 2008 15:41:24 GMT, atthebeep@hotmail.com wrote:

Cites please. The canadian government is not in the oil business, so
I'd like to know where they are and what I paid for them - and how
they are working.
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Posted by Vaughn Simon on October 14, 2008, 9:12 pm
<clare at snyder dot ontario dot canada> wrote in message

   According to a quick Google search, Clare's bullshit detector is essentially
correct.  The Canadian government does not seem to be directly involved in any
such deal.  I did find a deal where a Canadian company (Warwick) has obligated
itself to buy five units over the next five years (see below).  To be fair to
the other poster, Warwick does hope for financing from the Canadian government,
so Clare may still be required to ante up.


     "On December 17, 2007 the Company has signed a letter of intent with
Warwick Communications, Inc., ("Warwick"), a Canadian corporation based in
Calgary, for an exclusive twenty-year license agreement, which enables Warwick
to use the Company's microwave machinery to recover energy from oil, gas, mining
and waste resources in Canada. Payment for the license will be by issuance of
2,000,000 shares of Warwick's common stock, together with two warrants; one to
purchase 1.000,000 additional shares of Warwick's common stock at a price of
US$.50 and the other to purchase 750,000 shares of Warwick common stock at a
price of US$.00 per share. Execution of definitive agreement and issuance of
the license is subject to a demonstration, acceptable to the licensee, of the
continuous operation of the initial one ton machine, anticipated to occur by end
of first quarter 2008. Under the license, when and if issued, Warwick will be
obligated to purchase a minimum of one microwave machine each year for the next
five years. This will total $5,000,000 or $,000,000 per year. "

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